Lots of amazing puzzles to Solve + Varied Weapons + great gameplay + fun shooting = A MUST HAVE!

User Rating: 8.5 | Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light PC
I admit that I was not a big fan of Lara Croft, from the first game till the Angel of Darkness.
When Tomb Raider Legend came out, I was curious to check it out, and since then I'm hooked.
Now Lara is back but with a little twist, the camera is on top and a coop mode is added. This is a very welcome change that gives the series a refresh start.
The new coop mode adds a fun factor to the game where you can play with your friend on the same PC (if you have a gamepad that is).
the graphics are really impressive and every detail is crafted carefully in every mission, even if some scenes looks a bit similar.
We can't forget the game's engine, the game runs beautifully well on a bit old PC (like mine) with a dual core and a Geforce 9600 GT you will be able to play the game maxed out on a fair good resolution (1440 x 900), so you won't feel the lag when fighting lots of varied and amazing enemies scattered in all the areas, where a new type of enemy is introduced in every level. But the gameplay is not to walk around killing enemies and finishing levels, oh no, it's far more than that, you have to solve puzzles, and lots of them to open gates, but not just that, you can enter caves that are only meant to solve the puzzle in it to retrieve a relic or a collectible, but for some people it could get a bit frustrating to complete a needed challenge to complete the level. also every mission has a challenge to complete, and if successfully done, you will receive artifacts and relics that could improve life, weapons etc... You weren't able to complete the challenge in some level? don't worry you can restart it again just to complete all the challenges you want.
choosing the artifacts is a challenge in it self, where you have to carefully choose what is good for you, some will give you extra life but will make weapons less effective, etc...
The new Camera system could be painful for some, especially new comers who never played that kind of games, where you have to press "Left or right" + "Up" to move forward, those awkward controls could make the game a bit painful especially in the dangerous (and well crafted areas) where you have so little time and needs to move really fast.
Solving puzzles is the key to complete the game (as mentioned above) but after a while you'll figure out what to do, because lots of the puzzles are similar.

Finally, if you are a fan of Lara Croft, you should definitely check this game, and don't let the new camera system holds you back, with a great gameplay and good graphics the game will capture your eyes and your mind with its beautiful and well crafted puzzles.