It's like dating a dum chick; she's got the looks, but definately she lacks the brains and boy if she does.

User Rating: 3 | Lair PS3
What is there to say about lair? Well for starters I must compliment the outstanding visual design and sound effects as well as the enchanting sound track that comes with this game, it is so magnificent that whenever I feel bored I take lair out of its dusty box and replay it just to experience these three factors again. Then again if it only took epic soundtrack, great sound effects and outstanding visuals we would be visiting Cannes during the festival, and I would have invested my money in a ticket for the movies and not in this piece of @#$% that some dare call video game.

Now, since I ran out of pretty things to say about Lair about 48 words ago then I shall start listing all the inconveniences that are present throughout the game and boy if there are HUGE problems that affect the overall of this. First let us talk about the camera; try and picture this for a second, you're flying through one of the most beautiful landscapes ever, there are cliffs side by side and sea at the bottom, you can see each wave and hear how it crashes against the rocks, in front of you is the enemy with searchlights and ready to knock you out of the air. That sounded like a scene of a good game; here is where it fails to deliver, as you try to avoid the beams of light and try to adjust your camera to the right angle, you tilt it a little bit up so you can oversee the situation, the camera goes all the way up so fast it creates blur and positions itself at top of your dragon; the first thing you'll think will be what a majestic dragon, then you'll think WTF! The worse part of this is that the camera is not static so it will always return to the same position when you release the joystick; you are DOOMED to se from that angle, BWA HA HA HA HA! Also the camera used to keep up with your targets will make the screen twist and move so fast that stopping your dragon to fire is the only way to hit your objective, and then loose about half your life in the process.
Then we have the controls, assume you get the game and you start playing it right again, at first it is an ingenious way to move a dragon, but you are wrong. First the controls don't allow you to move your dragon with neither dexterity nor speed; you can barely move your dragon up and down the screen fast enough to avoid attacks, and when making maneuvers to avoid bogeys on your tail it seems as if your dear flying lizard is as stupid as an inbred dog. During those parts of the game when you fight hand to hand against another dragon, yours will move up and down instead of attacking sideways when you desperately move your control. And when you download the add-on content that allows you to move with your dragon with the left joystick, then CONGRATULATIONS you now can be awkward with a joystick!

So there you got it the only thing that made this game a little better than the famous E.T. for Atari where the visual and sound effects alongside an awesome soundtrack, these where good enough that even in the prerenderized state where good enough for a movie… Yes a very good movie indeed, but it wasn't enough for a video game. This is a great example on how the artistic design can save a game from oblivion, and how screwed up the controls of a game can truly be.