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User Rating: 8.5 | Lair PS3
Lair got bad reviews from just about everyone when it was released, and the major complaint about the game was the controls. Now, with the release of the new PS store, Factor 5 released an update that just may change alot of opinions.

I found the original control scheme fun and immersive, though it took a while to get used to, and alot of manuevers were hard, if not impossible to make. Now you have the option of switching to an analog control scheme, and it works really well. You control your dragon using the left analog stick, the camera with the right, and those two impossible moves - speed burst and 180 turn - easily completed with the right and left d-pad buttons. It's a huge jump in playability for those who didn't like the six axis contol scheme. And thankfully, you can also use the six axis control scheme still, for those that want the challenge.

There's also a couple new dragons to play with, and they're fairly fun. Larger than your original two and more powerful, they help in getting the medals on those tough to beat levels.

The graphics, music, story, and voice acting are still the same, and in my opinion fairly good. Especially the graphics and music. The game is just beautiful, and the music is epic. The story and voice acting are ok, with a few cheesy parts and a fairly predictable plot twist.

My biggest complaints are still there however. It's almost impossible to just fly around and have fun on your dragon, if you're trying to beat the game. You can do what you want of course, but it causes you to lose missions if you do it wrong. And your allies are constantly yelling at you to do this or do that. It gets a little annoying.

But that being said, the new control scheme (and the dragons) really improve the gameplay, and also improve the score. What I thought to be a decent game, even at release, is now that much better.