Feel and play this amazing make-over of the 1990 game, the roots of HoMM franchise

User Rating: 9.5 | King's Bounty: The Legend PC
World of Endoria
That's the name of the beautiful world of King's Bounty,
Where you have Pirates,Dragons,Wolverines,Faires,Elves,Elementals,Undead and much much more.
Katauri Interactive have done an amazing job on this product, and if you are interested in HoMM type of games, you should not live your life without completing this!
(it's ironic to refer this as a HoMM type of game, when it was THIS game, but back in the 90's, that started the whole genre)

When you start your adventure, you have a choice between 3 classes, Knight- Paladin - Mage
As you understand, Knight are oriented towards melee, Paladin towards buffing magic, and Mage towards Magic
there are 3 skill tree's, they look exactly the same for whatever class you choose exept if you take warrior, you will have some what more end-game skills in the Might skill Tree, and same for Paladins in the Mind tree, and Mages with the Magic tree.
The max level is 30, so there is a great variety of ways you can develop your character, and don't let the low level number fool you:), its enough.

The troops in your army can consist of 5 slots, aka you can have 5 stacks of creatures in your army on the battlefield, and 2 in reserve.
There are great variety of different buildings, castles and other strange places where you can hire your creatures from, it's a different grow rate then from HoMM, since in King's Bounty you really dont "own" any buildings or Castles, but rather hire mercanaries.
There are so many different creatures with different abilites that you will never get tired of having the same army from the begining to the end..you change the whole army constantly
And the gear aswell..

While not in combat or visiting a specific location, players move on the overworld map in real-time, so there are not any Turns or timelimit while in the world and exploring.

A great variety of landscapes and "themes" as you go trough the game, all from Undead like places to Elve like places, Swamp to Sandy beaches

Rage, Spirit of Rages are summons you will obtain troughout the game, they are powerful allies, you accumulate rage during combat when you hit,get hitted, kill a troop or your troop get killed
Each of the Spirit of Rage gain levels and experience just as you do, which open up new abilities for them

The player's character can be married, and there are several different marriage opportunities in the game. After this occurs, the character's wife follows him everywhere. A wife provides bonuses to a character's primary stats and/or a combat bonus to some types of units. Additionally, each wife offers four additional slots for equipment and artifacts, allowing the character to use more of them at once. The types of slots for weapons, armor, rings, cloaks, and so on are different for each wife.

Lastly, the character and his wife can have children. Each child will permanently occupy one of the wife's slots, but will also provide a bonus. Bonuses are pre-defined for each child, but which children will be born is random. If divorced, a wife will leave with the children, a percentage of the character's gold, and any equipment or artifacts she was wearing.

I will make this brief, since i don't want to reveal to much.
You are hired by your king, and been given the title "Treasure seeker", you have been sent out to search for the Spirit of rages to help you, and more and more you get into the game, the story evolves to so much bigger cause.
That didn't say anything now did it :P?
Good, since i want you to explore this great story all by yourself,
it WILL suck you in.
Graphics are extremly nice, and the game camera is placed perfectly to still get the feeling you are playing a 2d game with 3d graphics, so there is no pointers in graphic, since this game utilize it perfectly :)
:Side notes:
60-100 hour of adventure time if you play it troughly and in your own phase and not rushing trough and skipping most. so its a good deal of time you will spend in Endoria

An extremly solid game, that you will have fun with for hours to end
A great experience to play from the begining to the end, i had a blast every single step.
Do not miss this game out!
And do not forget to check out the stand alone expansion,
King's Bounty: Armored Princess

:Is it a buy?:
HELL YES!!!!!!!