Not optimized for an openworld game

User Rating: 5 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC

The game's developers have tried to imitate something roughly in between Skyrim and Witcher, yet they came up with a poor design for an open-world game. There are a number of flaws that absolutely tear the joy out of playing this game:

  • Vague and misguiding quests: to me this is the biggest problem of all. Some quests—for instance Night Raid—are defectively designed. The objectives are not clear, quests are filled with bugs and just trying to navigate through these quests is infuriating.
  • Everything needs loading: specially dialogues; imaging wanting to interact with NPCs but hesitating to do so solely because it results in a loading phase. This is really ridiculous, the waiting times are so annoying that they make u forget about all the good stuff the game has to offer.
  • Creative but impractical mechanisms: such as waiting and fast-travel. As mentioned above, they are not optimized for this genre of game. Fast travel in particular, consumes an unnecessary amount of time, even though it needs to be "fast" by definition.
  • Saving restrictions: a simple glitch can ruin hours of progress since u cannot save often. It could be a fun feature, but inside a bug-free environment. And let me assure you that this isn't one.

To summarize, this could be an enjoyable game to some extent; Although, it most certainly does not deserve a 8/10 rating. It has a good character development, the combat system is creative, the story is fun and telling. But honestly, the flaws mentioned above dwarf the good aspects of the game.