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  • GarryTheSloth wrote a review of SIFU.
    User Rating 8
    Great game with a few annoying features

    So here I am getting b*** slapped left and right by one of them big bad boys, when in a moment of absolute clarity I start to see his attacking pattern. I begin dodging each and every one of his attac...

  • GarryTheSloth wrote a review of Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice.
    User Rating 5
    Photorealistic walking simulator

    Controls? Meh, movement speed is too slow. Gameplay? For every 30 minutes of walking and walking and walking... there's 5-10 minutes of fighting (Combat system is kinda fun). Graphics? Only the protag...

  • GarryTheSloth wrote a review of Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition.
    User Rating 10
    One of the few games I'd call a masterpiece

    This game is truly a work of art and this is coming from a gamer who's not easily satisfied.Despite some initial memory issues that the game had, which caused fps drops here and there, I honestly cann...

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  • GarryTheSloth wrote a review of XCOM 2.
    User Rating 6
    Never have I played a game with so many bugs! *Drinks*Drinks*Drinks*

    I enjoyed this game a lot, right until I realized how poorly it is programmed compared to other games of its class; terrible memory management, unnecessary processing stress on the computer and bugs b...

  • GarryTheSloth wrote a review of Devil May Cry 5.
    User Rating 5
    Awesome animation & graphics, Awful gameplay

    Let me start on the good aspects of the game:Heart-warmingly smooth and realistic animations; the artists did a fantastic job that cannot go unnoticed. Very well optimized game performance; despite it...