Kingdom Come Delivers

User Rating: 10 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC

After spending a number of hours with this game, I have to say it's close to a masterpiece. For a small studio to have made it, this game IS a masterpiece. I have only had 2-3 bugs, all of which were minor. I have not experienced any slow pacing, and have felt the game is moving along nicely. The orchestra, the atmosphere, the all plays into a very believable and genuine feeling world. When you start the game it truly feels like you're stepping back in time. (I'm playing on PC, and would recommend PC for the best experience plus mods if you're into that). The scenery is breathtaking and you can tell that a lot of love was put into every square inch. There is so much detail and so much life. The villages and towns feel lived in, people feel like they are living their lives, and the reputation system used to interact with all of it is great. Fighting is difficult, and rewarding. Getting into a fight has a realistic weight to it, like you're getting into something serious. There's no feeling of being a one man army, at least not for me yet. I am progressing and becoming a better warrior and it feels like it. It's not a typical level up scenario, and improving skills feels like it's been earned. I honestly don't mind the save system either. I think it gives weight to the game and a feeling of your life having value. if you save all the time, your life doesn't have that precious feeling to it and I want that for immersion. As the game saves every time you sleep in your own bed, and during quests, I feel this is enough. I can pop in, play a day in the life of Henry, and pop out. As you make choices that affect your reputation in the game, you may fail at something and get the feeling you want to go back and try again, but that's life, and you just keep moving forward. I love that. The story is good so far, and pulls you right in. The detail in the story, and the world, just blows my mind endlessly. People react to you differently based on what you wear and how you speak, you can almost feel the different types of fabric on the clothing, you can hear chain mail softly as armored soldiers move around......just, details details details. I often forget that a small startup studio made this, and can only imagine what they would achieve with more resources. The fighting system in this game could be a game all to itself. This is one of the most enthralling, and magnificent games I have played in recent memory. Definitely worth checking out.