Unfinished Materpiece

User Rating: 8 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC

There it was. Finally. A game that seemed to do where Skyrim failed. True amazing deep immersion in a thriving responding game world. And it turned out to be just that. And yet at the same time turned out to be not. The problem is the many bugs or the sloppiness in how the system is realised. Robbing a home and someone walking in and discovering me as the thief I am is great. That very same woman running through the village crying for the guards (me after her), running by two guards still shouting, the guards showing no reaction at all. That is just one terrible example. This is a level of bug-ishness that boarders to failure of the project. It really is. Here is my plead to the developers. Sit down again and take the effort to sort out all that's wrong and bugish with the game and Kingdom Come Deliverance will be the milestone on rpg history that it - almost - is.