Henry has his own developing story, from nothing to know to beat them all

User Rating: 7 | Kingdom Come: Deliverance PC

Update on 1.7. The patch 1.7 seems to have broken more things than it fixed.

It brought a lot of visual bugs to me which were not happening in previous version.

Henry is sitting in the air while to talking to Stephanie during the night. I recreated this bug twice.

First Robard and then Stephanie were making T-pose in Rattay kitchen, also recreated twice.

Theresa is dirty in Rattay mill after she was clean in cutscene.

Door to Rattay armory was blurry, stairs next to it invisible until I spoke to NPC.

Farkle changed rules without notice or tutorial window and increased winning points to 4000, added three straight winning options: 1-2-3-4-5-6 ; 1-2-3-4-5 ; 2-3-4-5-6 .

Bernard does not lead me to archery range after our training in arena.

No headless NPC in Rattay streets, but hairless and cloth-less.

Rattay gate NPC guards in more forward position now.

Graphics seem to be slightly adjusted.

Performance for me is bad as before.

KCD is historical survival single player game with combat system locked to humans.

  1. Game's level progression allows player to get advantage overtime since you gain stats by doing, paying to trainer, learning new skills in certain profession.

  2. Music is adaptive in various environments and voice-overs are brilliant.

  3. Real history is presented in uplifting way with extensive history lessons.

  4. Side quests are chained together and increase reputation in local settlement.

  5. Henry has his own developing story, from nothing to know to beat them all.

  6. NPCs talk to each other and you, generic ones will mostly say you the same thing.

  7. Player can approach quests differently in semi-open world.

  8. Map does not reveal secrets, much stuff is hidden and needs to be discovered.

  9. Off road exploring gives you extra experience and loot.

  10. You get to see beautiful nature which stands out.

  11. Replayability, if you failed quest, it can not be always resolved, next walkthrough.

  12. Codex presents history behind game.

  13. Many buildings are accessible and also well decorated, believable environment.

  14. Game is not very serious or romantic, some fantastic stories to be told.

  15. Some quests require to be completed in certain time limit or certain time of day.

  16. Nobles waiting for player to come by so I do not miss on main storyline.

  17. Dialogues options with different outcomes, you can try out more sometimes.

  18. When given objective location, exact place is not targeted, rather area.

  19. Fast travel real-time with random encounters, you decide and try chances.

  20. Fast travel disabled in Hardcore mode.

  21. You need to eat and sleep to live healthy, otherwise suffer debuffs.

  22. Starvation and sleeplessness is more frequent in Hardcore mode.

  23. UI HUD is minimalistic and informative, compass indicator, navigation to quests.

  24. UI HUD is without compass, player's current location, health and stamina.

  25. Stamina and health are interconnected. If stamina is depleted, health is being lost.

  26. Eating replenishes health, fills nourishment meter and brings buffs if not overeating.

  27. There are challenging opponents with random encounters making it engaging.

  28. Dice called Farkle is real-time minigame and allows to use fake dice.

  29. Lockpicking real-time minigame is giving you chance to fail and is skill based.

  30. Pickpocketing is possible when your victim is unaware, even while NPC walks away.

  31. Searching body seen by others is considered crime.

  32. Crime decreases reputation significantly, quest givers and trainers will not help you.

  33. Locals won't like you unless you go to prison, pay fine or indulgence to restore good.

  34. Only some traders accept stolen items, one perk allows all to be more tolerant.

  35. You can retreat from battle if you are skilled, otherwise enemies are stick to you.

  36. Armor becomes ineffective once its condition reaches 0 and creates weakness spot.

  37. Archery competitions add extra experience and are rewarding.

  38. Strong enemy pulls you off horse if you get close.

  39. Sharpening real-time minigame allows you to change the state of weapons.

  40. Armor layering allows player to gain a lot of armor and stats.

  41. Clothes affect prices, NPC behavior, dialogue outcomes and quest givers.

  42. Special attacks aka combos are mostly useless, use tricks to beat your opponents.

  43. You can equip horse, fall of it. Smart horse can follow the path just with one button.

  44. Injuries weaken and slow body parts, need bandages for bleeding.

  45. Looting real-time, game does not stop, chance for NPC interruption.

  46. Combat is tactical, stamina management, find weaknesses, use directional attack.

  47. Stealth takedown allows to kill or knock out opponents during various occasions.

  48. Weapons need to stay sheathed, torches lit in inhabited areas.

  49. Wounds are visible on faces during fight.

  50. Repairing weapons and armor yourself adds bonuses.

  51. Dirty or damaged clothes decrease charisma, thus all three impressions.

  52. Bloody sword and heavy armor increase intimidation.

  53. Visual details. Night is dark, rain creates puddle, wind bends grass, dust in air.

  54. NPCs eat, work, drink, sleep, change clothes, use torches over night, run from rain.

  55. You need to tend to your buffs and debuffs to improve chances for succeeding.

  56. When drunk you can't run, it makes world look differently and later hangover kicks in.

  57. You can not use potions during combat or heal your wounds.

  58. Playing dice is fun mini game.

  59. Alchemy is complicated, engaging and skill based, reading with understanding.

  60. Reading and transcripting books is another little activity present.

  61. Bathing, poaching and treasure hunting add buffs, getting rich and nice loot.

  62. Savior schnapps save and get drunk, limited save system with buffs and debuffs.

  63. Damage opponent armor and weapon, fight till one of you loses the strength to go on.

  1. Melee combat is refreshing with restrictions to locked opponent.

  2. Fast travel isn't teleporting to selected destination.

  3. Open world after prologue village which can’t be escaped or entered over the walls.

  4. Visuals are pleasing but load long after player enters area, especially in towns.

  5. You can not interact with most objects or enter all buildings. Limited roleplaying.

  6. Saving is possible by sleeping in certain beds or camping sites for at least one hour.

  7. Saviour schnapps will save anytime besides fight but gets you drunk.

  8. There are certain autosaves when quest is complete or story progressed.

  9. Sleeping replenishes stamina, heals your health and cures your sore parts.

  10. Crosshair missing for bow.

  11. Combos in skills menu are impractical due to enemy interrupting them easily.

  12. Dogs alarm people. Not much but they are useful. One perk silences them.

  13. Your mom heals you. You can poison yourself and others.

  14. Horse riding mostly feels great, off road is sometimes tragedy when stuck on bush.

  15. Drunkenness skills add buffs.

  16. Collecting herbs adds up to vitality, later strength, they reproduce.

  17. NPCs watch you, greet you, follow you to private areas or if you have bad reputation.

  18. Reading skill, read stories, jumbled letters or study more to read as literate person.

  19. Third view is during dialogues and minor cutscenes, your choice of clothes is there.

  20. Traders keep their goods locked, you can break to traders shop during night.

  21. Your body is visible below.

  22. There are graves to be dug for loot, interesting sites with names and bonuses.

  1. Hardware demanding. i7-8700, GTX 1060, 16GB - 60FPS on medium settings mostly but huge drops to 30FPS during cutscenes and 40FPS during nights.

  2. Scripted main quests and cutscenes reveal technical issues.

  3. Major cutscenes use generic clothes for Henry instead of player's choice.

  4. Sound effects are not always fitting, for example, chatter of people in empty room.

  5. Textures are loaded late in the new location and cutscene resulting into shady, incomplete or invisible objects. Graphics are awesome looking nevertheless.

  6. Layered armor system creates clipping of underlayer and holes inside bodies.

  7. Most dialogues are engaging but lipsync is sometimes off.

  8. Expressions of bodies are strong and a bit overdone, though make sense.

  9. You can damage NPC different than the locked one.

  10. Enemies first react when arrow drops near them, however animals don't.

  11. People do not react properly to you shooting directly them, they do not see player.

  12. Bows are overpowered. Few perks are slightly useless.

  13. You can talk to guards about surrender because they are friendly but Cumans are always enemies and do not hesitate. You finish game with only one kill of boss.

  14. Stealth system is broken and thus crime punishment is not so scary. In most cases.

  15. NPCs will hear something but won't see you coming until few steps close to them.

  16. Sneaking in noisy plate armor does not work as intended.

  17. In most cases you can run away from guards when caught at the crime.

  18. Hunting down wild boar with melee weapon is more difficult than kill strong Cuman.

  19. Boar won't hurt you when on horseback, it runs away endlessly. Bow is the answer.

  20. Your horse can jump over obstacles, but be careful not to jump inside of bushes.

  21. It will drop you off if you bump into some tree or building over body of Henry.

  22. Halberds can not be sold, unequipped, they are unsheathed all the time.

  23. Helmet visor is on when halberd equipped.

  24. Most NPCs don't use horses outside of quests.

  25. Soldiers waited for me to come by to kill the last remaining enemy, badly scripted.

  26. Raining inside a cave. It could be fixed already.

  27. Thunder lightning inside a building.

  28. Light effect inside Sasau church near the altar.

  29. Spacious deep sound outside Sasau monastery near main big doors.

  30. Same looking NPCs and same voices used more times, it seems there is small pool to choose from, actually more than 60 voices used and more than 140 faces used.

  31. Helmet off during cutscenes causes visual issues and distracting.

  32. You can wipe out whole enemy camp before big battle starts by your own, another two times new ones appear, 4th time you bring whole army for the same enemies.

  33. Empty or non existent camps marked on map, interesting sites do not make sense.

  34. Dogs do not attack, they stand still when attacked.

  35. NPCs bump into you and curse you for hurting them.

  36. Pribyslavitz battle is scripted. Enemies walking in flocks, almost ignoring player in front or behind them alone. Archers standing idle. Runt too easy.

  37. Animals ignore when arrows are dropping around them but mostly run somewhere.

  38. NPCs appear in clothes that were stolen from them. It could be fixed.

  39. NPCs teleport, player invisible in dialogue, because Henry failed to teleport.

  40. Pop-in visuals, especially Rattay, invisible heads, sometimes structures.

  41. Frequent loading screen for more than few seconds before dialogues.

  42. Mounted combat is simplistic, no lock to opponents.

  43. AI is sometimes stupid, gets stuck on terrain, does not react properly to situations.

Horseback fight better than Two Worlds, simplistic but worse than Mount and Blade.

NPCs are blind on more than 10 meters away, still better than Skyrim's stealth on 1 meter.

I score 5/10 because how great game is but is not Polished enough, only Czecked.

First 2 hours will include a lot of cutscenes, better to play it offline, cause true open world and performance demanding actions will come after 2 hours.

I finished most quests in 90 hours.