I've planted bombs in the cases containing this (bad) game for the greater good!

User Rating: 1.8 | Intellivision Lives! GC
I get up for X-mas and see this in the pile of five games entitled to me and my girlfrie... I mean Gamecube. I play them, one by one. This was 5th, and I'm glad the suffering was delayed.

1/2 of the directions on the original intellivision were scraped, so I'm told. And according to this Cube, so I believe. Game play: If I could go lower, I would. 1.0!

Graphics: The ONLY credit this pile of crap with radio active waste in it deserves! The menu is realistic. And considering these games are old, They have top-of-the-line graphics for there time. 6.0

Sound: You could tie someone up and have them give you money if you torture them with these songs... 1.0!(put the dot to the left of the 1 and then I'm happy)

Value: See review deck! LOOK AT IT! 1.0!