Omg it's so amazing!!! Just turn down the soundtrack... all the way down.

User Rating: 7.9 | Intellivision Lives! GC
This game is the best thing to happen to compilation games since... Midway Arcade Treasure(series). The disk contains over 60, I think it actually pushes 70 games. While not all are great, the ones that are, just are. The best game in my opinion is Tower of Doom(an old school rpg with vast character development) which was originally planned to be the third installment in the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons(which also had cartridge in the end of the 2 title's name's due to certain aggrements), but wasn't released, due to the videogame crash of '83-'85, it was later released as Tower of Doom, by the INTV corporation in late '88. B-17 Bomber(great commercial for this included in the game) comes in a close second, Utopia in third, and Sub Hunt in fourth. It's cheap it's fun it's Intellivision Lives! P.S Midway I love Tower of Doom please make a remake or sequel in 3D.