Why, oh, why?

User Rating: 1.5 | Intellivision Lives! GC
Let me be absolutely clear. This game is an abomiation. Let me tell you why. The Intellivision was an incredible system at the time, offering the very first downloiadable game content, also voices in games, a 16-bit processor, 64k ram, a keyboard peripheral, a near-analog control disk, and an A5200-like controller [sturdier, though], all the way back in 1979. That being said, it's natural a fan of retro gaming would want to play the INTV's games. Problem is, the systems fetch a high price online now, so logic would tell us that picking up a $3 game with many INTV games, for modern consoles. Well, logic has just made the greatest failure of all time. This game is a shameful tragedy to the once great Intellivision. Whatr with the impossible-to-use controls, the necessary 2 player mode for about half of the games, the pointless extras, the exclusion of many very good games, the painful new music to some games, a boring and annoying menu interface, and other things make "Intellivision Lives" one of the worst classic compilations ever. *sigh*... please, please stay away from this game.