IL-2 can be fun, but its a repetitive arcade shooter that has nothing to do with a sim.

User Rating: 5.5 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey PSP
This is another example how a good name is misused for an average game. You play as one of the Allied Forces against Germany. Missions always begin and end in air, so starting landing or equipping your aircraft is dropped. As a ready equipped fighter you attack air, ground and sea targets with a limited number of bombs, missiles or unlimited main gun ammo. It's mostly the same over and over again: attack or protect. The missions shall resemble historic fights, but they are inaccurate and just too easy. It's a short game. The visuals are nice, but not spectacular. There is only one perspective, a 3rd person view. I really missed an in-cockpit view.

Is there anything good to tell? Well, it can be fun to play this game if you don't expect a fighter-sim. The story is semi-linear: there are crossroads where you can decide, which mission to take next. Also, I liked the un-lockable achievements.