Every time someone enjoys this game, I die a little inside. THE SERIES DIED WITH THIS RELEASE.

User Rating: 2.5 | IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey PSP
Owning every previous version of IL-2, you could say I'm obsessed. But I'm not alone. Communities are still buzzing on the classic, amazing PC flight simulator. Decent graphics, great damage models, unparalelled realism, few bugs, stable game engine, challenging AI, all made the best game ever. Understandably, I was excited to learn one of my favourite PC games was being remade to a portable console. When it came out, however, everything changed.

Everything mentioned as good for the first above was gone. NOTHING stayed. The nice graphics? The planes look fine, but the ground and buildings are near apalling, even for the Ds, yet alone the PSP. Damage models? No. Planes just go into a fireball and disappear. No wins snapping off, crews bailing out as the hole-filled crippled plane dived toward the ground. Realism? NO. Don't get me started. AT ALL. Few bugs? Unless spazzing bullet trails and flying through any buildings are intentional, I guess this one applies. Stable engine? Not much can crash on a PSP, so 1 good thing then. Challenging AI? THERE ARE NO GUNNERS ON BOMBERS. Or atleast they weren't hitting me. Fighters fly on the most predictable path and warn you before they attack. Planes rarely try to break off.

I paid $40 for this?

Just put it this way: Buy this game, and God kills a kitten. Please think of the poor kittens.