Amazing Free Game on Xbox Live Arcade. Highly addictive and just plain fun to play with friends.

User Rating: 9.5 | Happy Wars X360
Object of Game: Work with your team to push the fight forward across the battlefield. Build towers to create spawn points for your team. Destroy enemy towers and replace them with yours to effectively push the battle forward. Break into the enemy team's castle while defending your own and destroy the enemy team's Big Tower to win the game!

There are 3 classes to choose from.

Warrior: A great melee fighter, devastating up close. The warrior has great melee/attack skills to shred the enemy team to pieces. Use Team Skills to increase your team's attack damage, form the Iron Phalanx (great defensive position), and Team Rush forward knocking enemies into the air.

Cleric: Heal and revive teammates. Give your team sacred armor, extra movement speed, and summon the materials for your team to build turrets/cannons. Build temporary walls to block enemies from coming into certain areas. Use Team Skills to increase allies' defensive stats, turn the enemy team into weak flowers, and transport your team to another area on the map.

Mage: Powerful ranged class. Enchant yourself and your allies with Fire, Frost, Wind, and Lightning effects to turn the tides of battle. Attack from a safe distance with magic fireballs, lightning strikes, and snow bombs. Set wind traps on bridges to knock off any enemy crossing. Use Team Skills to unleash a volley of electric arrows, summon a tornado or meteor strike to wipe out the enemy team.

Customize each class with different weapons, armor, helmets, shields, and accessories to become stronger. Upgrade your items and add buffs to become the most powerful enemy on the battlefield. Strategize and cooperate with friends to use team skills that can devastate the enemy team or build your team stronger.

My thoughts:
The game is a very addicting game to play alone or with friends. The amazing customization in the game always gives me something to work toward. Building your characters stronger and the amazing multiplayer, is what makes this game so entertaining. The sound, and cartoony visuals make the game fun and enjoyable. Being able to cooperate with your team using team skills definitely gives this game a great strategic aspect to it. I love playing with friends and strategizing with them to conquer the battlefield. The only downside I can think of is the single player doesn't have much of a story and it is basically the same as the multiplayer. There use to be connection issues, but they have been fixed and now it works great. Definitely recommend it, especially if you like a game to play with friends.