a somewhat fun game that just cant get out of its own way.

User Rating: 4.5 | Happy Wars X360
Connectivity issues, unbalanced matchmaking, and slow reward pacing drag down what otherwise couldve been a pretty fun game. Finding a game can often take 5-10 minutes, which is unheard of in this day and age, and it's not due to a lack of players in the community. There are tons of people playing this game, and yet still, the server fails to connect everyone a lot, restarting the process all over again. When you do finally find a game, you still may lose your connection, and all your experience from a long match. It's not fun when half the time spent with this game is completely wasted by doing nothing. Assuming connections are working as planned, gameplay is still very much a hit or miss affair, since your teams are incredibly unbalanced. A player at a low level should always get pummeled by a player 20 levels higher. Good luck, cross your fingers you don't keep running into those players in the battlefield. Leveling up can be so addicting, what with all the enticing loot to upgrade and all, however, because this game is free to play, the company makes its money through micro transactions. With that business mindset, they have made it so your progress is very slow, tempting you to fork over your money for better gear to progress faster. Making you play with people at much higher levels only adds to that. Perhaps progress wouldn't be so slow or frustrating if there were no connection issues, and players could spend all their time actually playing. Underneath all the annoying things about this game there IS some enjoyment to be had. Customizing your character builds is very addicting, and 30 player battles can get very hectic when everyone is frantically unleashing team coordinated attacks to smother opponents. For perspectives sake, IF matchmaking was faster, more fair, and progression wasn't at a snails pace, this game would be good, and fun, and ultimately worth the time, a 7...but it's not.