It's a wonderful game, if you can play it.

User Rating: 6.5 | Happy Wars X360
I loved this game, it's highly addictive and incredibly fun. A bit weird with the difficulty but if you can put in the time it balances out. The single player is a bit easy but maintains its fun and earning happy stars so you can spin the wheel is highly addictive (I spent a lot of time at the wheel tryin to get dat loot!) Unfortunately that is where the biggest problem comes in as you have to play the multiplayer part of the game to level up, earn happy stars, to play the single player campaign and nine out of ten times you will not be able to play because of matchmaking issues. The games I was able to play were a little lopsided because I can't get enough game time in, even the co-op mission scale the computers difficulty based on the team so if you're a level three character you're going to be hard pressed to do any normal damage, yet if your persistent the skills that the three class get can help, I spend a lot of time bringing the dead back to life.
I would highly recommend this game because it's free as of this posting and I check back often to see if they have worked out the kinks yet.