Very very short, some parts enjoyable. Overall, boring. Disappointing!

User Rating: 2 | Hannah Montana DS
I was looking for a different genre of game as i usually stick to rpg or simulation and arcade/adventure games ie: Nintendogs , Sonic Rush and Animal Crossing. When I came across
'Hannah Montana' it was a mystery,point and click game.
The idea is you have to be Miley who lives a two part life one half is a normal teen the other is she is a teen pop star.But some one is trying to blow her secret that Miley is really Hannah Montana. So she undergoes a search to find who is behind it. The game is divided into 3 mystery's which when you play you use the stylus to draw certain letters/shapes to open doors or answer certain responses to questions.While playing the game you get rewarded with patterns and logos as you can design some clothes as a sort of mini game. Also through out the game you get rewarded with clothing with which you can make your own outfits for the model to try on. The game also offers a mini game where you to try and get to places quickly you guide Miley's friend on her skateboard using your stylus to move some obstacles.
For all of the game you use you stylus to speak to the other characters and do favors for them. .

So I thought well I'll give it a go.
I played it the next day ... started at about 9'o 'clock finished the game about 11 o'clock.It started quite simple,didn't get any harder really. Wouldn't say it was worth what I payed. After you complete the first mystery the end is pretty vague and not completely satisfying.
I was extremely unhappy when I only got 3 hours worth of game play out of it as I feel games like these you always know what is coming next.
Although I did enjoy playing it in itself and completing the search for the last pieces of clothing for the model.

I would say this game would appeal to a young audience who love fashion and Hannah Montana, although I love fashion and Hannah Montana this game just wasn't for me.