Hannah Montana now has a game for the Nintendo DS, but the even the Hannah Montana fans will have no fun with it.

User Rating: 1 | Hannah Montana DS
There's really not much to say about this game. The graphics are barely passing mediocre, there's little sound in the game. There's little story in the game, and there's not any fun in the game. You go around talking to people every now and then. You open some doors by copying a shape, but this will get people frustrated at first because you actually have to copy the dots around the end of the lines, as well, and this will make small children simply quit. If your a parent thinking about getting this game for your child because they like Hannah Montana, they won't like it. Trust me, they only play it for a couple minutes and then turn it off and never play it again. If your a Hannah Montana fan who wants this game, trust me, you won't like at all. If you just want to increase your Nintendo DS video game collection, wait until you find this for a couple cents at a yard sale, because it's only worth a couple cents.