Best MMO for those who dont like mmo

User Rating: 9 | Guild Wars 2 PC

I have not played many mmo games (Runes of magic & Eldevin) however i have a couple of friends that play allot of these games and they all tried for years to convince me to play gw2 . I finally tried it December 2014 and haven't stopped . I am not much of a Pvper i love to PVE and due to the vast content and no membership fee i can say this has more than enough to suit the PVE folks out their. The visuals are stunning if you have a decent card and the story is decent too. I love crafting unlike other games i love the balance it offers and im on to my second lvl 80 class . The game is exciting and worth every penny if you can wait until the have 75 percent off that's even great. I highly recommend this game for everyone and gender.