Even in Beta stage this game beats everything that's out there, a definite candidate for Best Game of the year!

User Rating: 10 | Guild Wars 2 PC
Innovative combat, and engaging leveling experience, the game is a very promising candidate for The game of the year, I played beta for over 40 hours and can say confidently that Anet had been true to it's mission and it's original vision of the game. Among other things I liked the replay-ability of the games earlier zones, thanks to level sidekick system that matches the player to the level of lower level thus not ruining the experience for others. Secondly the dynamic events system is a solid replacement for regular FedEx quests where you just follow directions. Furthermore the downed mechanic and traits systems are well implemented and give a very solid control over character customization which in turn allows you to give a personal touch suited to your style of play. finally excellent graphics and sound give an immersive experience one that will cause you to want to explore and see more.