If you waited for an action game with a M rating stop looking here it is

User Rating: 10 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
Im a big fan of the GTA series and now im so happy that the series came to the DS its a proof of that the DS is a great handheld.

Story:well not all that original but the story has a lot of twists and turns and has a lot of charcters so i won't spoil anything

Graphics:AWESOME!!! very detailed and nicely made the never slows down even on a huge chase and being shooted by all sides
its still plays smooth

Sound:no voice acting in cutscenes but there are funny voices of people like one is screaming "Im still a virgin" lol many good sound effects also the music is great but not known artists and no lyrics on any song but still its very good music but there are no DJ's and no talkshows

Gameplay:this is very important and a lot too tell but all i can say is that this game does a combination of all of gta's great features and puts it all in one and adds even more to it like touchscreen mini-games and drug dealing which is very important most money will come from there

Controls:Very spot on and easy to pick up and start killing some people and stealling cars

Value:alot of missions and alot of sidemissions i play this game none stop and i still havent saw everything its amazing and there is also a nice multiplayer mode to try with other 3 people this is a complete GTA expirience

Overall i think this is more then just a handheld port i think that this is a real GTA expirience that you take with you and this game is trully better then the PSP versions and im a big sony fan so if read this entire review when you know what is going to be a game which you will buy for your DS or DSi