GTA:CW has nostalgic feel of GTA I & II (top down view) while introducing elements from GTA:IV.

User Rating: 9 | Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars DS
GTA:CW comes out guns blazing. Very ambitious title to put on the DS. It has nostalgic feel of GTA I & II with its top down view while introducing elements we have come to expect from GTA:IV.

things you'll love:
- driving around town is great.
- engaging story.
- exploring the city.
- missions are fun and varied.
- most touch screen mini games are actually fun to do.

things you'll hate:
- throwing grenades and others can be a pain w/ the touch screen.
- bad guys are a bit too easy to shoot and they have poor aim.
- too many cops! They are everywhere in this game.

*Have not tried multi-player yet.

Overall the game is a great addition to the gta series, and it even adds elements I would like to see in the console versions (option to replay any mission, scratch-off tickets, drug dealing is a fun version of the stock market, and using the PDA instead of the cell phone for missions).

While not perfect, GTA:CW is a great addition to any gamers library. I just wish Rockstar would make some games of this caliber that aren't rated MA.