gamespot please give this game the good review it deserves (never mind let me do it)

User Rating: 7.5 | Gotcha Force GC
What! Game spot gave this game a 5? and they gave an atrocity like def jam icon a 8 I'm beginning to question their taste in video games... so they say this game isn't fun and that it gets repetitive... how can a game in which you can control up to two-hundred different character can ever get repetitive? Seriously I don't understand well anyway enough babbling about GameStop and let's get on with this review:

the story: well to like the story you have to be an anime fan unless you might find it a bit awkward... it's not everyday you see toy sized aliens/robots coming to your house and asking you for help to defeat a galactic emperor...

number of character: as I stated earlier this game is jam packed with character most of you randomly unlock by completing missions and some you have to unlock capsules for when you have enough capsules the character is unlocked, but that's not all... every character as some unlockable palette swaps which features a normal color change a transparent body and a shadowy body.

game play: the game play is fairly easy but that's not always a bad thing you have to time your attacks and make equilibrate teams which still involves a little bit of strategy and as if that wasn't enough you can pick a partner each with it's own type of borgs(alien)
Which includes healer shooter vehicles and much more...?

replay value: although the story remains the same each time if you replay you still keep your borgs at the same level you reached when you 1st finished the story mode which means more life more skill and overall more fun but that's not all by replaying you can explore new paths and earn more borgs

This game is quite the package and while it might not offer as much challenge has games like the legend of Zelda or the sort it's still pretty fun and there is no reason for you to stay away from this great game