Facorite Game on Gamecube ever!

User Rating: 9.8 | Gotcha Force GC
There is something about this game when you start playing it that is so addictive, you wont take the disc out of your gamecube till you get another new game,,,, no wait, even after to buy a new game you will still need some more Gotcha force action. All the borgs (characters) you see in the game you can get, except for the boss of the game. The whole idea of having to win guys and fuse guys makes the game HIGHLY ADDICTIVE! their are many different kinds of borgs, there are ones with maces and swords, dragons 25x the size of a normal character, flying borgs, tank borgs, and so many others, over 200 in fact. the multiplayer will have your friends begging for more, and to borrow the game. PICK IT UP WHILE IT LASTS, ITS RARE ENOUGH!!!