blade-anime's review of gotcha force.

User Rating: 8.6 | Gotcha Force GC
A lot of people say that Gotcha Force isn't that good a game. Well, I would like to prove them wrong. The biggest thing is, It is really fun to play. The only things that are annoying are the limit to how many borgs you can have on a team, the fact that even though I think that the gf energy is nescessary, it goes up way too slowly and finally, the fact that it is really hard to get the good borgs. Oops, I almost forgot about the story, even though two of the main characters (G-red and galactic emporer to be precise) voice overs are so corny that I am always scared that someone will overhear them thus causing me no end of embarrasment, the rest of the story is pretty good. The collection aspec is awesome but the g-crystals are annoying. What? You say I still haven't given a synopsis of the story? Whoops, well, You are a young boy (and if you are really a girl, you will just have to deal with it, at least until they make a sequal which I hope they do) Who while outside, spots a meteorite crashing into the mside of a nearby mountain. When he gets there, he finds that it wasn't a meteorite, but a refugee from a distant planet, a planet that apparently happens to be inhabited by action figures. The planet was destroyed and now the guy who destroyed it is coming to earth. Apparently you and your freinds have to command little platoons of "borgs" to fight the bad guys. You collect new borgs, or parts of them, after defeating them in battle. Sadly, my sister lost my memory card, so I am not even close to getting all of them. I can, however tell you that multiplayer is a blast. If they make a sequal for the Wii or DS, you should definately get it, the wi-fi would be a great addition. I for one, hope they make a sequal. Last but not least, this is my first reveiw so please send me a message to tell me what you think!