It's an amazing GOW title

User Rating: 8.5 | God of War: Ghost of Sparta PS3

I'm just impressed with this GOW game. it looks beautiful in this remaster, and i can't imagine that this was released on the PSP, it's pretty impressive and feels like a longer title comparing to GOW 1 and Chains of Olympus. It has a strong story and it was brought to another level on the narrative. the production value it's spot on.

This title feels also a little harder than the previous titles, which can be a little frustrating in some points, but it's also extremelly rewarding when able to beat the segment. there is quite some longevity with the extra game modes when you beat the game and I can see myself playing throught this games all over again.

I'll strongly recomend this game collection to any fan of the series or just a solid hack and slash, specially if you haven't played the original PSP games.