Very nice story, enjoyed it almost as well as God of War III

User Rating: 9 | God of War: Ghost of Sparta PS3
Ok, the main story, seek for answer for his visions, what they mean and who's in his visions/dreams. The vision is different from what he pleases to erase from his memory. Gameplay: still same as God of War 1, 2, Chains of Olympus. The slides on slopy floors, collecting Minotaur horns, swinging are same with Ascension. You can think that some of elements of Ascension were taken here. Graphics: better than Chains of Olympus Story: so great, better than Chains of Olympus and Ascension. Downside: difficulty is less tougher han Chains of Olympus, that's all. To rate: I rate this game 2nd place from God of War games, next to God of War III (1st place)