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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlock Golfers and Equipment

    At the Options screen, access Password. Then type in the password to unlock golfers and equipment. NOTE: Will not work for all items. Some will need another requirement to unlock.

    Effect Effect
    PROOFTHIS All Courses Unlocked
    SHOJIRO Bridgestone Items Unlocked
    NOTJUSTTIRES Bridgestone Items Unlocked (#2)
    THREESTRIPES Buick Items Unlocked
    CLEVELAND Cleveland Items Unlocked
    SNAKEKING Cobra Items Unlocked
    INTHEGAME EA Items Unlocked
    TENGALLONHAT Everyone in the crowd has a big head
    JUSTSHAFTS Grafalloy Items Unlocked
    JLINDBERG J. Lindberg Items Unlocked
    MACTEC MacGregor Items Unlocked
    RIHACHINRZO Mizuno Items Unlocked
    justdoit Nike Apparel and Equpipment Unlocked
    JANNARD Oakley Items unlocked
    LIGHTNING PGA Tour Items Unlocked
    SOLHEIM PING Items Unlocked
    GUYSAREGOOD Precept Items Unlocked
    MRADAMS Taylormade Items Unlocked
    CREAM Unlimited Money
    GAMEFACE Unlock All Golfers
    PLAYFIFA08 Wayne Rooney Unlocked

    Contributed by: Sour, Tai Long, chris1710 

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Cheats For Wii

  1. Game Cheat Passwords:

    Enter the following by choosing "Passwords" from the "options" menu.
    When you press enter, you'll hear a unique sound if you've entered them correctly. (If you can't hear the confirmation sound, turn down the in game music to make it more noticeable.)

    Effect Effect
    PROSHOP All Clubs Unlocked
    GAMEFACE Unlock All Golfers
    NOTJUSTTIRES Unlock Bridgestone Items
    THREESTRIPES Unlock Buick Items
    CLEVELAND Unlock Cleveland Golf Items
    SNAKEKING Unlock Cobra Items
    INTHEGAME Unlock EA Items
    JUSTSHAFTS Unlock Grafalloy Items
    JLINDEBERG Unlock J.Lindeberg Items
    RIHACHINRIZO Unlock Mizuno Items
    JUSTDOIT Unlock Nike Items
    GUYSAREGOOD Unlock Precept Items

    Contributed by: ddlkll, mewtwo3, Jay FNG Philbrook 

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Cheats For Xbox 360

  1. Achievements

    Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore.

    Achievement Achievement
    Make a Hole in One. Ace Seeker (30)
    Land the ball inches from the hole. Afraid of the Dark (20)
    Complete a full 18 Hole round of each Traditional game mode using the same Original Golfer. All in the Family (35)
    Create and Play a 4-player Online Match. Anchor Man (10)
    Spend $5000 at the Pro Shop. Big Spender (15)
    Drive your tee shot more than 350 yards. Bomb Away! (30)
    Beat Erika Von Severin in Tiger Challenge. Buick Clubhouse Ambassador (25)
    Beat Danny Wheeler in Tiger Challenge. Buick Clubhouse Member (10)
    Buy 25 items at the Pro Shop. Collector (20)
    Successfully putt 75ft or more without using the putt preview line. Egg on the Dance Floor (20)
    Win the FedExCup. FedEx Delivery (75)
    Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Gold. Gold Card Membership (75)
    Rank in the top 5 of any offline tournament. In the Hunt (30)
    Win any offline tournament. In The Zone (50)
    Beat Tiger in Tiger Challenge. King of the Jungle (75)
    Win all 4 Majors. Major General (75)
    Complete each Mini game using the same Original Golfer. Mini-Golf (20)
    Play an entire round offline using the 3-Click feature. Old School (20)
    Finish a round with a score of -10 on TOUR PRO using an Original Golfer. On Fire (30)
    Hit the flag pole. Pole Dancer (20)
    Play and beat a challenge in each of the Free Style, Long Drive, 9 and 18 Hole Showdown channels. Reality Star (35)
    Rank in the top 10 of any offline tournament. Scrambler (20)
    Complete a full 18 Hole round of each Arcade game mode using the same Original Golfer. Tiger Coin-Op (20)
    Beat Villegas in Tiger Challenge. Viva Las Villegas! (20)
    Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Bronze. Weekend Warrior (30)
    Create a female golfer using Photo Game Face. XX (10)
    Create a male golfer using Photo Game Face. XY (10)
    Complete 100% Tiger Challenge Silver. You Da Man! (50)
    Post in each of the Free Style, Long Drive, 9 Hole Showdown, and 18 Hole Showdown channels. Zapper (10)

    Contributed by: Guard Master 

  2. Unlockables

    Go to the "EA Sports Extras" from main menu.
    Next go to the password option.

    Password IS case sensitive

    Effect Effect
    cream Unlimited money
    allstars Unlock all golfers
    playfifa08 Unlock Wayne Rooney
    greensfees Unlocks All Courses

    Contributed by: CashisCreams93, XxTHExDONxX