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Gothic II Cheats For PC

  1. 5000 lp, class change, and abilitys

    After entering the ''Marvin-mode'' cheat press F2 and enter insert ch. This creates a Charicter Helper, unfortunatly in German. From here you can Reset you charicter and then receve 5000 lerned points and even train.

    Contributed by: fairyrose79 

  2. Codes

    Press C type ''marvin'' (No quotes) press C again then press F2 to bring up the console, you can do the following:
    (The console will autocomplete words!)

    Effect Effect
    insert gold 1000 gold for 100 exp
    HERO IMPORT [NAME] A stored character is loaded and replaces the own character.
    TOOGLE DESKTOP All texts, bars and menu becomes invisible.
    SET PERMATTITUDE [ATTITUDE] Changes permanent attitude of the character in focus (e.g. friendly, hostile, neutrally, angry)
    INSERT CH Characterhelper (only in German)
    Alt+O Debug toggle (non-console)
    cheat god Enable/Disable god mode
    INSERT FH FaceHelper (posses to use)
    first person First person
    SET FBBOX Framework shows around the object in the focus .
    Cheat Full Heal
    PLAY ANI [NAME] Implements the animation, e.g. play ani s_cbowaim
    Kill Kill enemy in focus
    ITWR_MAP_NEWWORLD Land Map of Khorinis
    ITMI_LUTE Lute
    insert itar_pal_skel Make Old Knight's Armor appear
    SET MODELFATNESS [WERT] Make the character thiner or thicker.
    EDIT CAMERA Menu opens, where one can change camera values
    EDIT ABILITIES Menu opens, where one can change character characteristics
    EDIT SPECIES Menu opens, where one can change species dependent constant
    EDIT AI Menu opens, where one can change the behaviour of the AI.
    EDIT COMBAT Menu opens, where one can change the combat system
    HERO EXPORT [NAME] One's character is stored in the file "piranha bytes\gothic\saves\name.zen\"
    O Posses if in focus (non-console)
    ZFOGZONE Practically infinite range of vision.
    Set Time XX:XX Set time to XX:XX
    toggle time Toggle game time
    Go to a waypoint Fire Warp to a torch above the 'landowners' farm
    Go to a waypoint Wolf Warp to Harbor
    Goto Waypoint Sheep Warp to the area near Pepe and his sheep
    Goto Waypoint Lighthouse Warp to the Lighthouse near Khorinis, just out in front
    Go to a waypoint Xardas Warp to Xardas Tower

    Contributed by: Kavok, pistolcat, Dracorion 

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