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Bit.Trip Runner Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Get Bonked by a monster AMNESIA.MAKES YOU AFRAID
    Register a high score on the leaderboards Bit.tripper
    Complete a bonus challenge Bonus.get
    Burger mouth Burger.mouth
    Repel 100 Beats
    Complete a level in one sitting Endure
    Bonk after missing a Gold Bar to rewind time and try again EVERYONE.PLAYED BRAID
    Get a PERFECT score in all Impetus Challenges Flawless.impetus
    Get a PERFECT score in all Tenacity Challenges Flawless.tenacity
    Get a PERFECT score in all Triumph Challenges Flawless.triumph
    Catch a fish! GONE.FISHIN
    Collect 1,000 gold bars
    Complete impetus Impetus.complete
    Complete odyssey Longest.journey
    Get a PERFECT in all challenges Master.runner
    Get the Game Over Misstep
    Get a PERFECT on one challenge Perfect.piece
    Find 3 friends and beat the challenges they are in PLAYING.TRINE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND
    Get commandervideo's cape Rainbow.power
    Bump into a fire in a Bonus Challenge ROASTIN.MARSHMALLOWS
    Jump 1,000 times Runner.up
    Beat all challenges on Hard difficulty Running.hard
    Complete tenacity Tenacity.complete
    Complete the gauntlet Throw.down
    Watch the hidden cutscene Timbletaunt
    Complete triumph Triumph.complete

    Contributed by: th3l3fty, Guard Master