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Armored Core 2: Another Age Cheats For PlayStation 2

  1. Unlimited energy

    Press L2 + R2 + R3. A ''Limiter Release'' system error message will appear. during a limited time you will have unlimited energy (appx. 1 minute). After that minute, an ''OB Down'' message will appear under charging in the upper left corner. It will last almost as long as the previous error depending on the AC core you built, but you will not have any energy. After ''OB Down'' is completed, your AC will recharge and return to normal. .

    Contributed by: Auron 

  2. Change difficulties in mid game

    While you cannot change your the difficulty setting in single player mode after you start the game, you can in split-screen mode. Just go to ''Split-Screen'' mode, and load the AC file that you want to it's difficulty changed. Once the data is loaded, go to ''Options'', look for ''Level'' and change the difficulty to the one you want. Once changed, go to ''Data Save'' and save. When you load the data in single player mode, the difficulty will be set to the one you set it in split-screen mode, and you you dont have to start all over again. In other words, if you originally set it on hard, then you change the difficulty to normal in split-screen, when you load the data, the game will be set on normal. This is perfect for those who only have one plus file, and want to change its difficulty.

    Contributed by: I Pyro I 

  3. Continue from Armored Core 2

    Just go to the load data screen and select a savegame from Armored Core 2 and you'll be able to use all your parts from before. Doesn't work with the PAL version of the game.

    Contributed by: MidKnight 

  4. 50,000C in 'Attack the terrorists' mission

    In the ''Attack the terrorists'' mission in Zearm Desert. Here is a bomber flying around. Destory it io earn an extra 50,000C at the end of the mission.

    Contributed by: Anonymous 

  5. Unlock Enemy AC emblems

    Unlockable Unlockable
    Every time you beat an enemy AC in a mission, their emblem becomes selectable in the Emblem Edit samples section. Note, YOU MUST DESTROY THE ENEMY AC FOR THEIR EMBLEM TO BECOME SELECTABLE. Enemy AC emblems

    Contributed by: The Caveman 

  6. Codes

    While playing the Game Enter these Codes. After Entering them the Game will Pause, press Start to resume playing and the camera will be fixed at the location it has to be set at after clicking the codes.

    Effect Effect
    Hold Triangle+Square+Start First Person View
    Hold Circle+X+Start Fixed Camera View

    Contributed by: Blatey786man 

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