Just like a frog, this game croaked.

User Rating: 3.6 | Frogger: The Great Quest PS2
Frogger was an all right game when it came out on the PC. The remake was fun and had a lot of things that were from the old-school game. Then, Konami got the pathetic idea to make the little frog we know and love into a cheesy voice-acted loser-of-a-hero in search of a 'beautiful' princess in order to turn him into a prince. The cinematics aren't that well done and the gameplay feels nothing like a platformer it wants to be. I love platformers, but from playing this game, I didn't find any feeling of a successful platformer, or game might I add. The controls are a little sluggish and the graphics represent a N64 game. It would have been cool on the N64, but not the PS2, or any console. Frogger is probably one of the biggest idiots I have ever seen, since Haven from the game Haven: Call of the King. He has such an annoying voice, cheesy lines like "I know Frog-fu!" WHAT!? Then, the music fits this pathetic game with its corniness. Then, the enemies look as though they were taken from a cheap cartoon from the 1980's. The storyline is only fit for a child, but even then, a 10-year old will get bored of Frogger and his lame ways. I wonder what Konami's major malfunction is! How dare they insult not only Frogger, but Platformers too! Then, they must have thought this game was good, but then, about 3 more games came out, all resembling this moron. Frogger, not that awesome classic Frogger, but the Frogger in this game, nine words: Drop down and croak because gamers don't want you.