i didnt think that it was possible to make a game this bad

User Rating: 1 | Frogger: The Great Quest PS2
awful game, start off running around, without a plot, and terrible graphics, to top it all off, it had the clunkiest controls. I would rate this as the worst game i have ever played. i remember it had terrible terrible minigames, each one was soooo easy that it was pointless, but then you ran into a obstacle course of some sort which was impossible because of the controls and there were no checkpoints making each level impossible to pass even though each part to each level was easy. there was a part where the main character had to go down a river, this was disasterous, death and carnage ensued. i remember playing this game twice and breaking it in half, even though it was my sisters game, and she exploded in my face but it was so worth it. This game is AWFUL! yet addicting...... BUT AWFUL!