review 18 is the 2 part Halloween special.first this game then a other one on October 31st!!!HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

User Rating: 3.5 | Friday the 13th NES
well this game is just like any other game i review.HORRIBLE.
maybe my super gameboy review was good.i liked it.well its
Halloween season again and this is a 2 part special.anyway
the only reason i put this on old-school is because there's a badge
on this site that you can get.anyway lets pop in Friday the 13th
and play this horrible the game you play as campers
from the movies or not and the gameplay well it lacks doo doo
from a dog.your weapon is rocks and you can get a knife but
not until later in the game.there's theses strange 3d cabins
which made my eyes puke.if you don't believe me play it yourself.
I DARE YOU!!!you fight Jason in the cabins.once you beat Jason
you have to fight him again and his mothers head.this must take
place in the third film in 3D!!!just kidding ljn the worst company
evar!!!said its based off the 4th movie.JUST is
the third.well you have to fight Jason 3 times in a row and he
gets stronger.well that's it.KNOCK,KNOCK.what the heck im
in a middle in a game review.BAM.okay who is it.IM THE DEVIL
AND YOU SHALL JOIN HELL.please don't do that.FINE ONLY
IF YOU PLAY, Friday The 13th the computer game.fine.well
gamers you know the next review.Friday The 13th for commodore
64.which is not 64 bit.TO BE CONCLUDED!!!on the 31st which is HALLOWEEN!!!