A classic movie to video game rendition.

User Rating: 7 | Friday the 13th NES
This game pits you against the tyrant of horror movie killers, Jason Voorhees. You play through the game exploring Camp Crystal Lake and the whole time trying to avoid Jason. The game wasn't a tremendous leap for its time but does have its good parts, the game does give you that feel of suspense on occasion and is a little engulfing to the user. The game doesn't do much of a great job of making you feel like you are really running from Jason or trying to avoid him but overall I would say this is a great addition to someone's classic game collection, but if you are looking for a fast paced horror game then you won't find what you are looking for with this game. On the other hand if you are looking for a decent quality game from back in the day and enjoy playing these games then you will definitely want to play Friday the 13th and have no issue with adding it to your classic NES vault.