one of these games that makes you want to knock yourself out with your controller

User Rating: 6.4 | Friday the 13th NES
I still find it hard to like this game, even after all these years. It caused lots of pain when i was younger, and when i play it now, I still wish the poor crystal lake campers would die a little faster so I can turn the game off.

Graphics: Well this is one thing that is done decently. Sprites are decent, and the backgrounds, while repetitive, are done well

Gameplay: yeah....light those fireplaces. Oh did the kids die before you could find them all? Me too. get a walkthrough.

Music: Fits the mood, but I don't like it as well as other games. BUT it is good considering the crap that usually came with movie related games.

Overall: I still play it....why...I don't know. Its not a bad game..its not a great game..but it is VERY frustrating if you don't know what to do.

my rating : 6.4 (fair)