Friday the 13th on Nintendo. At least it has some decent stuff.

User Rating: 5 | Friday the 13th NES
Cool 8-bit opening with the knife going through the eye hole of the Hockey Mask.

Colorful 8-bit graphics and characters but needs one thing eyes and face. Environment is alright and i like how it switches from day to night. Corny without blood when your fighting though.

Game play:
Fun but can get a little hard after a few minutes. I actually figured out that this game is a 2-part game. Because after you beat Jason one time, you have to beat him a second time. Also the enemies, the Zombies and Birds, can get annoying when they get in your way. Also it's fun but can get hard when your fighting Jason.

Simple with A and B and It's easy also walking around with the D-pad.

Peppy but it's supposed to be filled with horror-like soundtracks.

Lasting Appeal:
Decent game but hard at times 50/50.