great beta test game or free to play microtransaction game

User Rating: 2 | Forza Motorsport 5 (Day One Edition) XONE

This would have been a brilliant free to play microtransaction suported game.

Or a decent beta test release.

This title does not justify the Triple A title and full retail price of £40 (UK after 6 months of release).

If your new to the forza series you will not find a complaint about this game, if your coming from any of the other forza motorsport games and looking for this to improve on everything that has come before....Im sorry you will be dissapointed.

If this game were released as a 360 title, its a safe bet the stores would be full of this second hand and be unable to shift any of them


I have just recently bought this game i gave it a few months so bugs could be sorted out, every other Forza game has been pre orderd. I will not be pre ordering any further Turn 10 release.

It is all about either getting your wallet out or grinding mindnumbing race after race trying to get a few credits to buy a car. Buy the wrong car and more grinding and hope you buy a better car.

Or you can take the short cut and buy a few tokens, well there are only 200 cars in the game so you wont need that many toeksn will you? YES YOU WILL!

A quick check of the tokens to cash and to get a full house of ferraries (remember that ferrari achievment from FM4?) well that would set you back approximatly £200(£50 for the game and £40 for the car packs and £97 for enough tokens to enable you to buy them all outright). This is for a total of 24 cars that works out approximatly £8.50 per car (excluding any upgrades you might want to do. OK i will be kind and lets say £150 for 24 cars, works out at around £6 per car now there are 200 cars to collect! even at £2 per car thats £400.

There is something fundamentally wrong when your talking about those sort of figures when it comes to ingame transactions, parents ensure there are zero payment options linked to any xbox your kids have. There are zero refunds given EVER.

Then you come to the game itself very sub standard by turn 10 standards, if your expecting a game that will be better than any of the forza series that came before it. Please do not buy this game, you will be dissapointed.

This game was meant to showcase what the xbox one console can do, visually the game is stunning, but go beneth the shinny neat graphics and the stunning sound of the V8 engine as you tear along the straights at Le Mans. Yes I was impressed by it. then i started playing it and relaised that there are 10 races in each "championship race" you dont get a trophy for completing the championship, you dont even get a huge credit payout and you certainly dont get a free car for winning. It just feels like your doing the event list from FM4 all over again (oh wait thats the only acheivment thats missing from my full house on FM4!)

So thats the sinlge player "championship", next is where the fun really starts MULTIPLAYER....hmmmm

So you have your car ready, its not a brilliant car, but its one your proud of, you have set some good lap times in it and decide to see how it fairs against the real world. You hit the multiplayer button and face a few options, Until you have been playing a few days and managed to rack up a few credits (or spoent some real world cash and bought tokens) you will be limited to lobbies D, C, B, A and possible S and any monthly lobies you might have a car elligable for.

But you finally make it into the race lobby in the car of your choice. then as you wait for the compulsory 70 second countdown timer, no option to pause for the loo break or pass from one event. the race begins...just after it has spent an age loading, something i thought would be a thing of the past LONGGGGG loading times. But the lights go out and its race time! why bother racing when you can just smash everybody out at the first corner, yes smashes and crashes are what await you at the first corner, or any other corner for that matter. but then i have chosen to race in a public race with zero rules, so lets try finding a user created loby.......nope no can do. All user lobbies are private, so unless you have a buddy thats hosting or you want to host one yourself (if they game lets you!) then you have to invite as many people as possible to fill up 16 places that each lobby can hold.

the game is just so full of bugs and glitches that it should not have been released or as i said above released as a free to play or beta test version. Check the leader boards for -7 second laptimes, yes the guy actually won the race 7 seconds before it even started.

Remember this review is from my personal experience of the game, I love and still play FM4 as i said to a friend who invited me to a race series on FM4 last night " will join you in a moment, just doing one more crash and bash on here first.

Highly recommend staying clear of buying this game, rent it or borrow it by all means. but please dont buy it.