This game is NOT a 10, as described by

User Rating: 6 | Forza Motorsport 5 (Day One Edition) XONE

If you have played Forza 4 you will instantly notice that the amount of cars & tracks are literally cut in half in Forza 5. This makes the game extremely repetitive. There is a way to get more cars but of course, you have to pay a hefty $50 to get the unlimited pass which grants you access to the other cars. Did I forget to mention that $50 extra only grants you access to those cars? You still have to race & get in-game credits to purchase the cars you paid $50 extra for.

Then there is the in-game credits. Each race pays about $5,000 for a 1st place finish on normal settings. The problem is, all of the good cars cost upwards of $200,000 which means you have to race forever before you get the car you want. And Forza does not gift you as many cars as they did in Forza 4 probably because there aren't many to give away.

There are also other annoying bugs in the game that make Forza 5 annoying. One of the most annoying bugs in Forza 5 is not being able to see what the race requirements are before you choose a race. In Forza 4, you could purchase a car, then tune your car however you wanted & find races where your car was qualified to be in. In Forza 5, you have no idea what the race requirements for any race is until you actually pick a car, tune it, then try and enter the race, only for the game to tell you that your car does not qualify. This completely wastes your hard earned in-game credits which are not easy to come by due to the very poorish pay outs.

Final verdict: The graphics are very good on Xbox One but paying an extra $50 for cars that should have already been in the game is absolutely ridiculous. Not to mention there are ample tracks & race types missing from Forza 4. The game itself costs $60 and there isn't even half of the content that was in Forza 4. This game is not worth $60. Do yourself a favor and rent this game or wait until it goes on sale at your local video game store for $29.99