As this generation is coming to an end do you think last gen was better?

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Posted by warmblur (2753 posts) 6 days, 1 hour ago

Poll: As this generation is coming to an end do you think last gen was better? (66 votes)

Yes 45%
No 55%

What do you think was a better generation and why?

For me I liked the last gen much better but that's not to say this gen didn't have great games. I just think the lack of new ip's and corporate greed really hurt this generation overall.

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@nepu7supastar7: Fallout 3 was actually way better than Fallout 4, but I agree with everything else

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@ArchoNils2 said:

Since the Ps2 era, every new gen is worse than the one before it. Devs take less risks, everyone is chasing the current trend and immoral business practices spread more and more among and into games. Sure there are a few AAA games that aren't sequels and/or infested with Microtransactions, but they became a minority. At least indies create an antipole to that. At least this gen brought us VR and the Switch, at least two things that feel fresh.

Well said man I agree that's one of the biggest problems in the gaming industry especially this gen.

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Well, I agree that Fallout 3 had a more interesting location. But I definitely liked the overall quality of everything else in Fallout 4 a lot more. Your character could actually talk. That in itself was a major improvement. I hate silent main characters.

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#54 Posted by Ten_Pints (3864 posts) -

Still the last gen for PS3 ended on a high with GTAV and Gran Turismo 6.

Doesn't look like that's going to happen again.