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Guys i have 450 watt of Power supply, which graphics card suits my system better ?

1. Radeon RX 580 8gb ... Cost 179 USD

2. GTX 1050 Ti ... Cost 169 USD

Do suggest if you can find better discount out of two.

Please do not suggest any other card as i can afford only one of them. One more thing, there is usually hot temperature on my country, and i play games on 1080p only. I work so usually don't have enough time to play games. My annual is coming up very soon so decided to purchase affordable graphics card that suits my system well and without spending on other things e.g. Power supply.

Please ignore topic as i want some attention lol.

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With out knowing what 450w psu you have, the safest beat is the GTX 1050ti

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@Hashim19: go with Nvidia if you want to be power efficient

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@04dcarraher:Cooler Master i guess, also as for decent gaming, which of these graphics card is better ? because price range is kinda same. But then again, Power supply might damage my graphic card if it's power hungry.

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RX 580 is worth the extra $10, it's a better performer, but I wouldn't run it on a 450W PSU. So just buy the 1050 Ti and lower the settings to have 60fps.

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@PfizersaurusRex: I guess that's sums up everything. Thanks for the advice everyone. Gonna make my holidays worthwhile playing Witcher 3 lol.