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#51 Posted by evaping (25 posts) -
Non-tank Age - An exciting role-playing and simulate iPhone free game. If you like angry bird or DDTank or shooting game, don't miss this. some screenshot: iTunes Link:
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Check out Charlie Hop!  HD Video Trailer: App Store Link: For generations, Charlie's ancestors have grown mighty moustaches that no other men could ever grow. It was something all men longed for, but the secret of growing it was too hidden to be unraveled by anyone. To continue the tradition, Charlie Hop needs to achieve the impossible. It's time for you and Charlie to enter a different reality where laws of gravity are put aside and the power of turning the world upside down is in your hands. Help Charlie Hop find all the missing pieces of the puzzle, grow a mighty moustache and ultimately save his family name in this vintage physics-based puzzle platform game. Madarina Games Website: Facebook: We appreciate every comment, question or purchase ;) Thank you!
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Hello everyone. We've created a game for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. The game itself is rather simple, gameplay is inspired by the father of all arcade games - PONG. We're aware of the fact that the Arc Ball won't conquer iTunnes, but the creating process of our game took a few days and working on Arc Ball was a valuable experience for us. Our game offers mechanics which are characteristic for arcade games. You can curve the ball accordingly moving the paddle just before the ball touches it. You can also play against your friend on one phone (CPU has three difficulty levels). In future updates we want to create more diverse gameplay. In the next update we will add multiplayer options which will allow you to play via WiFi and Internet so it will be a great opportunity to compete against your friends. Please share your opinion and leave a comment (here and/or on iTunnes). It will help improve our game and make future releases better.
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Hello Gamespot community ! I come to announce you that the game studio called Midgar Studio has just released its smartphone's game : ZEEEK!  A musical runner game in 2D where speed rhymes with dexterity ! The goal of this smartphone's game is to make the best score, to free the following levels until bring down the terrible Silencio ! Zeeek is fun and very addicting: scoring obliges! Every session is unique because the levels are built in a random way.  Zeeek propose 2 levels of difficulty. If the game in "normal" mode is approachable, you have to hang on for the "expert" mode! Fortunately that the difficulty is rewarded. We are independent, and it is free of any constraint that we propose you our smartphone's game ! It costs 0,89 only, so don't hesitate to support us! ^^ Trailer here :  After 4 months of development, ZEEEK is finally available on Apple Store : Free Demo version :  Have Fun with Zeeek ! Rock On !
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Dragon Up: A Dragon Vomit Harvesting Game  Price: Free Category: Simulation/Adventure File Size: ~33MBWHAT IS IT? Dragon Up is a free mobile iOS game where you send beautiful hand-animated dragons on trips to juggle gnomes, barf treasure, and poop gold. Dragon Up features playful animation drawn by veteran animators whose previous works include My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Atomic Betty.  Features: Play with dozens of unique dragons like the Hippy and Pug Dragons! Collect gold and food from villagers to grow your Dragon Roost! Over 200 magical treasures to collect and craft! Equip dragons with their favorite treasures for bigger and better rewards! Discover what lies behind the Forbidden Door of Mystery! Sinister Evil? Untold Riches? Each Dragon hatched brings you closer to finding out! Rather than give you guys a big marketing pitch, here's a quote from Kotaku's review:

Dragon Up sets itself apart from the dozens of other dragon breeding games on iOS with its Cartoon Network style, its silly sensibilities and the fact that, as stated previously, it's not really a dragon breeding game. It's a dragon vomit harvesting game, and that makes all the difference.

Dragon Up is designed for iPhone and iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.3+. It can run on iPad devices but the resolution does not scale. Also on the first gen you may experience crashes. You can also support Dragon Up by becoming a Fan on Facebook or Following on Twitter.      GAMEPLAY VIDEO WHO MADE IT? The Canadian indie studio East Side Games. We started about a year ago and Dragon Up is our first real big mobile title. We're also famous for a Facebook game called Pot Farm. We're fiercly independent and support indie gaming. Got questions? Contact us using the support link below!
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Hey guys, our game studio, Dream Apps Lab would like to introduce you our very first Unity title: Tricky Shot! On App Store for iPhone and iPad for Free: Hope you enjoy! Check the screens on stores or
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A new iPad number puzzle game to test your brain and speed. 150 solutions of find! Looks easy, but it isn't! :D


App Store:


math genius express

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Midgard Rising 3D MMORPG [Free to play] Today game was released for iOS (previously beta only on Google Play) Available for iPhone, iPad, Android phones&tables, Mac & PC Gameplay video: Official website: iTunes link iPhone/iPad: Google Play link: Mac & PC download link: Facebook page: Twitter page: Note: If you have difficulties starting google play version on your device download stand alone version here: This is challenging hardcore/old school 3D MMORPG game. Revolutionary mobile full 3D MMORPG (beta): => HUGE GAME WORLD => 6 Races: Orc,Dwarf,Human, Elf,Dark Elf, BloodDrak => 5 Classes: Confessor, Fighter, Mage, Rogue, Templar => 2 warring Factions: Alliance and Fury => Solo and 5-man dungeons => Thousands of players online => coming: 10-man raids, PvP Arenas, PvP Battlegrounds Midgard Rising is a mobile full 3D MMORPG game offering for the very first time on mobile device not only rich and amazing full 3D fantasy world but full support for factions conflict, factions battleground, non-heard-of-on-mobile-devices 10-man raiding system and more. Game also offers a very unique 5-man dungeon leveling system in addition to many quests waiting for players who want to immerse themselves into Norse mythology inspired Faction Wars. Midgard Rising is prequel to World Of Midgard.
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I must be thick because I can't see the relevant buttons to add links and images to this message. | only wanted to let you know about our new game Flubby World, that was recently released on iOS. Thanks. :)
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Ah. I think I see the problem. I'm only a level 1 user on the forums and the editor requires me to be a level 3 user before I can use it. Nice. Oh well. I'll post it when I get to level 3 I guess. Although how come some developers are opening new threads to show their games?
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Time Trap - Hidden Objects is a classic hidden objects game with awesome graphics! Addictive story of missing journalist, plenty of hidden items and mini-puzzle games won't let you be bored. Join the adventure and let us know what you think on The game is available for iPhone and iPad. Video Link: iTunes Link: Facebook Page: Twitter: CrispApp game dev group
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4WORD4 is a fun, addictive word game. Create words in a 4x4 grid of letters to score points and advance to the next level. 4WORD4 is different than other word game because you focus on making the 10 longest words in each level, rather than just blindly spamming words until the time runs out. 4 difficulty levels - EASY, HARD, EXTREME AND IMPOSSIBLE? Works great on iPad, iPhone and even iPod touch Download from AppStore Official Website:
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Hi guys~ I just wanted to introduce this game from OveractiveInk. I'm having fun with this since I started playing it. :D So here's the details. TROLL SMASHER - Ashlad and the trolls Description: Battle your way through 22 challenging levels of invading trolls Wield Viking God Thor's hammer and smash the trolls to protect the villagers Discover beautifully illustrated backgrounds, funny trolls that come to life through animation and entertaining sound effects TrollSmasher is part of the Adventures of Ashlad series. GAME OVERVIEW Take the role of young Ashlad and help save the kingdom from the evil horde of trolls with the help of the Viking God Odin and Thors hammer. Battle your way through 22 challenging levels of invading zany trolls as they try to harass the village. Each with beautifully illustrated backgrounds, whacky sounds, and funny animations. Compatibility: iPad You can check the Gameplay here: and download it here AppStore: Official website: Official Developer's website:
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Hello guys! :) I have just launched my new game A Jumpers Tale on Kickstarter and i would really appreciate it you you guys would take a look at it! :) Thanks a lot! :) Callum
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 Escape The Tower : A Cute & Exciting Free Game ! Help the Sheep Escape From The Tower ! Originally, everything was so peaceful in Sheep's lovely homestead. Until one day, an evil Zombie invaded Sheep's home andKIDNAPPED SHEEP. Sheep was locked in a tower and tried hard to escape from it. Finally, Sheep successfully fled from the gloomy room. However, unfortunately, Sheep fell in the trap set by the wicked Zombie afterward. Sheep has to avoid miscellaneous traps and keep moving to the lower floors lest he get electrocuted. Click left-hand and right-hand screen to move the Sheep to protect him from injury caused by electric ceiling and assist him in escaping from the tower. *** Key Features *** 1. TERRIFIC: Gorgeous design and ravishing game scene 2. EXCITING & CHALLENGING: Keep moving to the lower floors lest the Sheep get hurt 3. REWARDED: Get prizes when the Sheep moves to the lower floors 4. FULFILLING & SENSE OF ACHIEVEMENT: Sheep can become stronger by obtaining equipment and supplies at the shop 5. In-App Purchase Supported Make the Sheep much more Well-Prepared and better equip him to escape from the tower *** Escape The Tower on iTunes
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Hi! We are indiepub and we are announcing Pictago! Create hidden object games using any photo on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch with PICTAGO. Set up scenes, snap what you see or choose any image in your Photo Gallery and then turn them into hidden object games using Pictagos simple touch-and-drag tagging system. You can then send your friends the games you created with Pictago to see who can find all the items fastest. Challenge your friends to find stuff youve hidden in your room, tag group pictures with funny names or use whatever other silliness you can set up and photograph. With Pictago you can also turn pictures into educational tools by tagging diagrams or even create a simple find-the-color game. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
FEATURES: Use any image in your iOS Photo Gallery, take new photos from within the Pictago app or use Facebook photos and turn them into games. Create games in minutes using an easy touch-and-drag tagging tool. Two Modes: Find tagged objects in any order in List Mode or in a specific order, one at a time, in Single Item Mode. Create, play and share as many games as you like with your family and friends through Facebook, Twitter, email or text message. Play new puzzles each day from the free World Feed! Even if your older device doesnt have a camera, you can still play games and use images in your Photo Gallery to make your own games. Check us out here! :
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MAI - New Craft Block Building Game


iPhone version:

iPad Version:


Imagine, create & build amazing worlds in this years most epic & advanced, mobile sandbox environment block game. With dozens of building blocks at your disposal, let your creations take formation & your imagination run wild.

Introducing new elements for enhanced gameplay; interactive characters & animals to special construction blocks.

Free Play mode - Random or Flat world.
Mission mode quests - Complete 30 Missions. From creating castles to finding Bigfoot in the snowy woods.
Zombie survival modes - Experience 3 difficulty levels all with different tasks.

Explore constructions ranging from castles, villages, caves, aircrafts, forts, harbors..
Share creations with other players
Interact with animals
Defend yourself against zombie attacks
Embark on Mission mode quests
Fun & Challenging Missions
Build Amazing Worlds
Regular updates with new features

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Dragon Tear - adventure RPG (iOS Universal) iTunes Link: iPad Preview: iPhone Preview: Description: Embark on an epic journey through the land of Faria. Infiltrate the Holy Order and save the world from the forces of evil. Get and play this RPG adventure for FREE now! Tame the most powerful monsters and legendary dragons! Enjoy a grand tale of friendships, twists and betrayal! Fight 100+ stages across 5 exotic islands! Interact with colorful characters and enemies! Complete over 100 quests and achievements! Challenge other players in weekly arena tournaments! Get the game and play for FREE now!    Get it FREE Today!
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HI Everybody! I'm proud to announce than after many many hours of hard work, buckets of Berocca, sweat & tears that my Shoot 'em up/Bullet hell game is now available for FREE on the App Storeso download your copy now and give it a try and let me know what you think..Just one word of warning, don't come crying to me when you die and are defeated by it!!!! :D Shump & Bullet Hell genres are rolled into this pulse raising hybrid shooter. Power ups & Matrix smart bombs may help you, but your bullet dodging skills will need to be razor sharp if you're to survive wave after wave (200 to be precise) of increasingly hostile alien enemies and their barrage of bullets and finally defeat the Rebel Base. As Yoda once said: "Do, or Do Not...there is no try." - Wise words indeed little green man...but I say, Are you tough enough to withstand the evils of Rebel Base? * Challenging Pick up & Play Experience * Smooth 60 FPS * Awesome partical FX * Optimised for IPad, iPhones Retina & iPhone 5 displays * Cool original tunes * Universal app
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Atomic Robo: Violent Science! This is going to be our boutique studio's first game on iOS, Windows8 and Android and it's going to be available next week. We're very excited to bring a beloved comic character, Atomic Robo to an action platformer on a multitude of mobile devices. There is a ton of information at our website (of course) at But as an art/traditional animation studio, we also have a ton of very interesting work in progress photos on our facebook page. Here's a link to that particular photo album: Anyway, I'd love to post some updates and free download codes, exclusive info and more on Gamespot! -allen
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Bad Day - a tactical multiplayer shooter, similar in gameplay to Counter-Strike. Players can perform various tasks (missions) . Types of game Classical Deathmatch Classical TeamDeathmatch Waves - In this mode, the team, will withstand a certain number of waves of zombies Team Waves - (PvPvE) - In this mode, will be two teams of players, which in the intervals between waves, will have to fight each other Combined Deathmatch - (PvPvE) Combined Deathmatch, will be a like a classic Deathmatch,but in the match will fight the players and bots. Combined TeamDeathmatch- (PvPvE) Like Combined Deathmatch, simply divided into two commands. Singleplayer campaign will be added, in some month after release. website en: facebook: twitter:
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UAV Infiltrator It's your chance to test your piloting skills and reflexes! Guide an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) through enemy lines and survive for as long as you can in this awesome and addictive side-scrolling game. Controlling the UAV is very simple but as you might expect hard to master. Touch the screen to propel the UAV up and release to bring it down. Keep an eye on the fuel level or your UAV will fall from the skies and crash. Grab fuel cells to keep it in the air. Not enough time to evade? Use a mighty bomb to destroy all enemies on screen. Bombs are limited and awarded every 1000m so use them wisely. The further you get in the endless skies, the more challenging they get! Upgrade to unlock all bonus vehicles, increase the starting amount of bombs and remove all ads. If you have played and enjoyed all those copter games out there, you will find this game very entertaining. FEATURES * Three different vehicles to choose from with different attributes (acceleration, max speed, mass and fuel consumption). * Two unique eye catching environments. * Original sound tracks. * Bombs to destroy all enemies on screen. * Difficulty increases over time. * Game Center leaderboards and achievements. * Twitter and email sharing. * Simple touch based controls. * Upgrade option to unlock all vehicles, increase starting amount of bombs and remove all ads. iTunes Link: YouTube Video: Facebook Page:
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So, let's take a look at some of the highlights for BlowThis! since the release: Received the Reviewers Choice Award 2012 from "FileDir"! Received the Best Apps Award from "BAM"! Received 5/5 on "DroidTweak"! Received 5/5 on "L.A.M"! Received 4.5 / 5 on "The iPhone App Review"! Featured by "SlideMe Market"! That's nice and all, but the best news is this: BlowThis! Free was released earlier today! And yes, it is the full game! Get it here:!-free/id608430230?ls=1&mt=8 We also cut the price of ad-free version. Get it here!!/id591253402?ls=1&mt=8 Cheers!
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Dojo Danger Out Now!! Developed by Kihon Games Description:

"Dojo Danger is a top-down action strategy game reminiscent of old-school marbles infused with super powers, deadly traps, and kinetic power-ups! Choose from over 30 characters to create your team of Ninjas or Zombies. Each character comes equipped with their own special ability and unique play. Strategically fling your team into the enemy to trigger your attacks and powers. Defeat the opposing team by being the last Ninja or Zombie standing. Each level in the massive 100 level single-player campaign is a pinball-like puzzle, filled with carefully-placed traps to avoid, and enemies to outwit. Earn daily rewards to unlock new characters and upgrade your Dojo by challenging your friends. Participate in ranked games to climb the global ladder." Grab it Here!: *Dojo Danger is currently featured in the Games section of itunes!
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GamePple is smartphone development company.
I hope the review of APP Game, which was released recently.

Artroid is an action shooting/time attack game for the purpose of ranking war.

App Link :
PV youtube Link :
Ver.1.1 youtube Link :


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#76 Posted by LiquidBits (25 posts) -
 LiquidBits has just released v1.0.0 of Toppal Act 1: "Hungry Bird" to the Apple Store. Watch our Trailer here!: Animated 3D Puzzle Delight from the creators of DreamWorks' Kung-Fu Panda Say goodbye to good old Jenga and Tetris. Get ready to discover what weird hybrid animal you get when you mix the two. An arcade-puzzle fusion with a touch of adventure - in 3D! Your mission: Help the bird get to its nest safely by surviving a series of obstacles as you build the highest tower you can without knocking it over. And by the way - dont forget to feed the hungry bird - for extra bonuses and surprises! "Unlock All Game Levels" is currently on a special premiere discount of $0.99 !!! Also, sooner or later you should think about purchasing a few repair blocks to help keep your skyscraper tower from tumbling to the ground. Toppal Act I Hungry Bird is the first game in the Balancin Act Series. This long awaited innovative game from the creators of DreamWorks, Kung Fu Panda, and other Hollywood Blockbuster movies, was first introduced as a free-to-play demo in 2011, and quickly grabbed these worldwide ranking: Number 1 App in all apps, all Games, Puzzle Games, or Family Games in as many as 41 countries during its beta release! Download Links: iPad: iPhone:
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Blood Evils by iYangs Co.,Ltd. Style: 3D ARPG Vampires vs Knights We hope your reviews,Thanks! iTunes : Youtube: Website: picture
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Hi everyone, I'm Markus, Game Designer of indie developer Brightside Games and here is the first preview of our little upcoming game SPiN WARS. Up to 4 friends battle each other simultaneously on just one device in this simple but fun arena shoot 'em up game! Control your fighter and pull off your special moves with the well-timed tap of just one button!  Win one of 50 free copies of the game if you subscribe to our newsletter on before Friday March 23rd 2013 23:59 CET. Winners will be drawn from the pool of all subscribers and win the game for one predefined platform (PC,Mac,iOS,Android). Features: - Frantic shoot'em up battles with awesome special moves! - 4 Players on one device! - Simple one-button controls! - Pay once, get it all! No additional cost, pure fun! - Great for pick-up and play video game tournaments at your event or party! - » iOS exclusive « Share instant video replays!  SPiN WARS will be out on iOS and Android the 21st of March 2013 and on PC, Mac and OUYA soon after that. Find more information at
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We are live on Kickstarter !

Please support us and thank you in advance.

Visit also our website:

and fallow us:

Tiny Elementals is a unique multiplayer race game. You are racing with other real players controlling one of the monsters. During gameplay you can do two things: jump or use ability. You can get ability by passing box with question mark. It can be fireball, frost nova or mud trap. To get advantage over your opponents you have to use it in proper moment. The game goal is to win races and get the highest ranking in ladder. After every game you get coins which you can spend in store to customize your character. It can be any kind of celebration, wear, gadgets and other stuff. There is a lot of it and each and every thing was special tailored for single monster. Weve also added rooms where you can invite your friends and chat with them. Also you can create tournaments where you are playing few maps in a row with the same opponents.

Fire World

Wind World

Earth World

Water World

And some screenshots from gameplay:

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#80 Posted by TwistedWaysGame (25 posts) -
Hi, We've just released a free and paid versions of Twisted Ways game. Twisted Ways brings a new twist to the traditional puzzle games AppStore link Free version: link Paid version: ARE YOU READY FOR A NEW CHALLENGE? Cause if you are, then say hello to Twisted Ways, the new puzzle game in the app store, ready to stimulate you in the most unexpected ways! Strategy, logic and thrill, weve got it all! Picture you are walking on sky-high blocks and your life depends on every move you make. A kangaroo, your character, can move from one block to another until it reaches the ladder that will take him to the next level. Sounds easy? Think again! These blocks have arrows on them and, while you can step on the blocks from either side, the block can twist 90 or 180 degrees left or right. The degree of the twist is given by the color of the block. Before you know it, you'll either end up to the next level, or on a safe block or sky falling on the ground. But enough with the talking, we don't want to spoil the surprise! Well have you enjoy the sky-scraping ride and have fun exploring!
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All Blocks Up! Block Stacking Tower Building Game

Welcome to All Blocks Up! Stack funny animated blocks and build the tallest tower you can. Each block has it's own appearance and personality!

In this action stacker game, you will see lively blocks hovering in different patterns and you will need to tap the screen to release the block when it flies over the position of another block. The placement is important, if a block falls exactly on top another 1 you will get a perfect bonus. Build the tower as tall as possible to get higher scores. It's game over if 1 of the blocks falls to the ground or the tower collapses.

There are 2 modes in this game, quick game and time attack.

Your goal is to keep stacking blocks 1 on top of the other and build the highest tower you can. Placing 1 block exactly on top of another will grant you 2 points.

Same concept as quick game but you only have 1 minute. Your goal is to stack as many blocks as possible before the timer reaches 0. Placing 1 block exactly on top of another will grant you 5 extra seconds but the timer will never go beyond 1 minute. It's a test of reflexes and speed!

Having troubles aligning the blocks? Use the light bulb button to display a guide that will help you align the blocks.

Funny cartoon animated blocks.
Each block has it's own movement pattern.
2 game modes, quick game and time attack.
Game Center leaderboards and achievements.
Share your scores with friends by email or Twitter.
Play your own music while playing.
Optional guide to help you align the blocks.

If you like tower building or block stacking games that require skills, you will definitely have fun with this addictive and challenging game! Kids definitely love it!

iTunes Link:

YouTube Video:

Facebook Page:





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#82 Posted by amaneuvering (4635 posts) -

Light Hero blasts on iPhone/iOS!

Blast your way through the asteroid belt collecting precious mineral gems. Blow up giant asteroids and avoid mysterious black holes. Fight alien enemies and discover who their secret leader is. Maybe even face off against the Almighty K!

Its all in a days work for Light Hero; the greatest pilot in the galaxy!

Image of Light Hero

Image of Light Hero

Light Hero Image

Light Hero Image

Light Hero Image

For more information on Light Hero visit the iPhone/iOS App Store page at:

For YouTube video of game footage go to:

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Introducing my new iPhone game, Mega Shield Mayhem!       Trailer Video: Available now in App Store Description: Protect the Purple Planet! Block the invading ships of Space Ogres with your Mega Shield or blast them off the ground if they slip by your defenses. Whatever you do, don't let them destroy your all buildings! You're the Purple Planet's only hope!
    - Two levels of mega-action! Protect your planet by blocking ships or zoom in to use your Mega Shield's machine guns and missiles to blast those Space Ogres back to where they came from. - Grab awesome power-ups to help fend off the relentless invaders or to heal your damaged buildings. - Compete with your friends for the highest score or longest play-time with GameCenter integration. - 18 achievements to be unlocked that show off your mega-skills!
Here's some promo codes for your enjoyment: 3AYPMFR636P6 34HNJAE4HPY9 YRJKHK4HWY4E If you use one, please post and let other's know it's taken : D Reviews on the app store are welcomed and much appreciated. App Store: Website: Facebook: Other Inquiries:
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#84 Posted by GrittyRoughWare (26 posts) -
Please enjoy a Promo Code for my iPhone app, nQubed, that can be used on iTunes for a free copy. nQubed (as in n³, nCubed except spelled with a Q) is a standard 3D cube puzzle app for the iPhone. nQubed Lite is a free version of the app with limited functionality. I think nQubed is something cube enthusiasts, both casual and elite, will enjoy as it offers additional features and a challenge that aren't offered by other apps. Promo Codes: 9X7JTRPJ9LNT 3JR9YNMM33YX RMMALTMYEJLA 4E9P4WM7K9L3 NL43393TPA9E 9ANAF3YNM7R4 The listed Promo Codes are for the full function version of the app, nQubed. If all of the Promo Codes have already been used, you can can always get the free limited functionality version of the app, nQubed Lite. If you enjoy the app, please tell your friends and Rate and Review the apps on iTunes. Thanks and enjoy! nQubed supports cube sizes from 2x2x2 to 7x7x7 (a few other apps only go up to 5x5x5). You can select custom colors for each of the cube sides (which is helpful for people with color blindness issues or prefer certain colors) or select images for the sides (again, other apps don't provide for custom colors). The app will also save all of your performances, sorted by both time and moves, for later review. There are literally dozens of other cube puzzle apps available for the iPhone, but what I believe sets mine apart (in addition to the sizes and colors) is the ability to require the squares to be oriented properly and/or positioned in the correct location on each side of the cube in order to solve the puzzle. While orienting the center squares of a 3-Cube (3x3x3) may not require too much additional effort or know-how, as the size increases the complexity also increases. Trying to orient or position the multiple center squares on a side of a 4-Cube (4x4x4) or larger adds an additional level of complexity to the solution and none of the other iPhone cube puzzle apps provide this feature.
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#85 Posted by lesleame (25 posts) -
Have you ever caught yourself splashing the toilet brim when you've had a few? Here's your chance to get it all in and not have to clean up the mess. Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to pee into the toilet without soaking the bathroom. The more virtual beers you drink the more difficult it is to keep the flow within limits! Note: The really fun thing is that during the game you actually have to stand up like you would do it in a real life Global Highscores maps included you can challenge your friends across the globe and see who the real Sniper is. Link to the app:
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#86 Posted by findthemovie (25 posts) -
Are you a film lover, movie buff, cinema enthusiast or an every day person that simply enjoys movies? Get ready for the ultimate movie quiz game consisting of the largest film collection database than any other existing Game Movie App. From blockbusters and classic films to obscure, underground and cult films, from European and Asian cinema to Hollywood mainstream movies, this is the real deal! Play against the clock and try to guess the correct movie title based on a screenshot of the film. This app will give you hours of exciting gameplay and will also remind you of some of the best movies around. Test your knowledge in the film world and refresh your cinema memories! FEATURES - more than 5000 different movies added from all genres, including blockbusters, classic movies, cult and obscure films etc. The largest movie collection than any other existing game movie app!! - 2 game styles (full game, genre game) - 3 difficulty modes per game style (easy, medium, hard) - 12 levels per mode (a total of 36 levels to be unlocked) in full game style - 12 genres per mode in genre game style - ranking system - does not require an internet connection! play free without "killing" your data plan! ------------------------------------------------------- iTunes Link: iTunes Link (Lite Version): Find The Movie Facebook Page: Contact: -------------------------------------------------------
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#87 Posted by GarianM (35 posts) -





  • Story Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Over 3500 frames of Animation
  • For iPhone 4 and up
  • Differnt Weapon Types
  • 13 different Zombie Types
  • Attractive Staff
  • Zombie Trivia?


The student body at Wailliams College is now the home of reanimated corpses leaving only a handful of survivors. Lead Professor Melody and the surviving student faculty through the zombie ridden University while mastering new weapons, bombs, and zombie trivia. Unravel the mysteries of the zombie plague, save your friends, and make saving the world look good in the process.

Available Now On The App Store.


View gameplay, hints, kickstarter video, and gallery on the site.  Stay tuned for our video blog about the trials, tribulations, and the thrill of successes in making an awsome videogame on a shoe string budgets.

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Hi, We are a little OZ indie startup and just released our game on the AppStore and Google Play. The Website is faroutgame [dot] net And a description of the game is below. For those who just played the game, what are your thoughts? difficult? your feedbacks will help with future updates. ****Extremely addictive*** A fun running shooter with many challenging mini games. Play as Earth's elite agents to find the enemy and stop the danger! **************************************** Kurt and Jane are former elite agents. Their mission involves facing many enemies in different places, from the desert to the moon! They cannot complete the mission unless they find magical power ups in their adventures and this is just the beginning, they should solve problems, defuse bombs, beat bosses, and upgrade their weapons. Earth is in danger. Run run run TIME IS SHORT!!! Kurt and Jane are ready for ACTION! how about you!!? Features: * Explore exotic worlds and locations * Challenging mini games to beat the bosses * Gain experience and levelup to kill stronger enemies. * Upgrade the Powerups using coins collected in game * Ride on different animals and vehicles * Full multi touch to test hand eye coordination * Watch out for cactuses! ==================================== How to play: Tap the red button for jumping and tap or swipe the right side of the screen for shooting. Enemies are too strong? Use 100 coins to wipe them out! ---------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on twitter: Like us on Facebook: Website: Press Kit: Game trailer: The link to the app on AppStore and GooglePlay:  Screenshots:
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Hi everyone! First of all, i would like to introduce us: We are Dragon Game Studio, a small indie game developer located on the beautiful island Bali :cool: Last week we released our first two games, and one of the games is the one you see below. We would love to hear what you guys thinks! The good, the bad, the ugly. We can take it :cool: These are a few of the reviews that we got so far in the App Store: Hilarious app ***** by Marlborof18 - Version 1.0 - Mar 31, 2013 This app is really funny and addictive to play. It is designed in a very simple way but full of exciting and enjoyable moments. I love it. I just can't stop playing it. Fun ***** by A77MiLos - Version 1.0 - Mar 31, 2013 Nice game, it's pretty fun to play. I particularly love its cute graphic design. The game seems simple at first glance, but actually it's much more competitive than I thought. It really requires high concentration and accuracy! Love it! Very addictive to play. Awesome ***** by SS183 - Version 1.0 - Mar 30, 2013 Seems like a banana tower-defense game lol and I totally love it! The cute artwork design and its background effects is awesome, and the game strategy is simple but also competitive. It's incredibly fun and entertaining to play, nice to kill time on this boring weekend. Great ***** by cristian-01 - Version 1.0 - Mar 30, 2013 Great game!! I love arcade-games, but this is one of my favourites!! It works very fast and smooth on my iPad 2 iOs 6.1.2 My kids are playing it often, and they love it to! I'll give it 5 stars!! Great ***** by Deslee2012 - Version 1.0 - Mar 30, 2013 The gameplay is well polished. I like the monkey so much as it is cute and funny. Addicting game. Dont Steal My Banana is a free, fast-paced tower defense game gone bananas. Strategy, precision and fast fingers is a must! You play as Ulu, a cute baby monkey living in the jungle of Bali. Your objective is to protect your magical golden banana from being stolen by a bunch of hungry beasts. It might sound easy, but its easier said than done! The gameplay is simple, but powerful: - Tap, hold & release to fire - Master all the fruity weapons - Time your shots perfectly to build up massive combos - Level up & become the ultimate baby monkey - Spin & win awesome prizes in the Banana Boom - Unlock massive achievements - Compete against your Game Center friends + much more BANANA-TASTIC action!      Don't Steal My Banana is the first game developed by the Bali based start-up company Dragon Game Studio, and is now available for FREE on iPhone, iPad & iPod touch. Hope you will enjoy our game :D Lots of Love from Bali - Island of the Gods! Team Dragon Game Studio
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Hello to the whole Game Spot community :) ! Some time ago, with a couple of friends 'o mine I developed a free iPhone application about the Eight Queens game. I'll appreciate your feedback on it: what you like, what you don't like, what we could do better, and so on. Thank you very much, Marco Sciamanna. ______ iTunes link: Description: The 8 queens game consists in placing 8 queens on a chess board so that they cannot attack each other. This game has thrilled generations of mathematicians since 1848, year when it was first proposed. Dive into this free application and challenge the mathematicians, Gauss above all, who have tried in vain to find all solutions. If you don't know chess don't be afraid: inside the application you'll find a few simple instructions that, in no time, will allow you to face the game. And if you fear it's too complex, use the help, which shows in real time the squares where it's not possible to place the queens. Features: - Possibility to activate/deactivate the help during the game - Storing of the found solutions - Game instructions - Game story
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Hello, GameSpot! Meet Dragon Siege, a frenetic iOS castle defence game where you tap and swipe enemies coming to steal your treasure.   And watch out for the upcoming update. This will introduce new units, spellcasting and an upgrade system, to power up your dragon for even more destruction.  Check it out on the app store: Feel free to let us know what you think!
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 Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee - Muhammad Ali WORDBOXER: THE KNOCKOUT WORD GAME! Discover better words than your opponents. What will be your strategy? Defend or attack? Feel the adrenaline rush when you discover that knockout word. Fight yourself to a top ranking in your Boxing Club! UNIQUE WORD GAME WordBoxer is a turn-based strategic word game unlike any other word game available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The game play is simple and very addictive: Knock out your opponent by reducing their score to zero or come out on top after 12 rounds! Players score points by finding words in letter grids. These points are either subtracted from the opponents score or added on to their own score depending on what letters are played, adding a strategic feature not seen in word games before!  BOXING CLUB: SOCIAL & COMPETITIVE Moreover, WordBoxer includes a unique social feature: the Boxing Club. The Boxing Club provides a ranking list for selected friends and keeps track of results, statistics and achievements of individual players, contributing to the competitive nature of the game.  FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS Play against friends, a random opponent or practice against the computer. Compare your results and achievements with those of your friends in the Boxing Club. Challenge your Facebook friends from within WordBoxer. Play in three different classes: Lightweight, Middleweight and Heavyweight. Chat with your opponent during the game. Play multiple simultaneous games. Get a notification when its your turn to play. Check the definition of a played word in a single tap. TECHNICAL WordBoxer is available for IOS devices with IOS5 or higher and for Android devices running Android 2.1 or higher. PRICE WordBoxer can be can be downloaded for free (with banner ads and max. 10 simultaneous games) from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It comes with an in-app purchase to upgrade to WordBoxer Premium (no ads and max. 25 simultaneous games) for $1,99 / 1,79. LANGUAGE SUPPORT WordBoxer is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Bahasa Indonesia and Catalan. LINKS Android: iPhone/iPad : Please visit our website or Facebook page
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Apple Featured this game in 'What's Hot' section of Word Games in US App store. Check out my new Word game. 2 Pics One Phrase IPhone version: 2 Pics One Phrase - IPhone
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Mother of Myth A Free 3D Action RPG for iOS, Android, & Facebook. An amazing new game is currently being developed for iOS, Android, & Facebook with its own unique 3D game engine. In the game youll be able to hack and slash your way to victory with copious amounts of enemies in which to sink your blade. An intuitive exceptional battle system will give you a satisfying experience for each enemy that you vanquish. Get exclusive items from destroying your enemies that will make your future adventures even more satisfying. We will be looking for beta testers soon! Give us your feedback and comments so we can develop an amazing game! Teaser: Screenshots & Models:    Find out more about the Game, Get Beta keys, & Promotional Codes Below: Facebook: Twitter: YouTube: Website:
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#95 Posted by giorgos_gs (25 posts) - review: "Fancy a challenge? Guide Ulysses home with The Odyssey HD. If you are looking for a mystical adventure game then The Odyssey HD may well be just what you are after... If you fancy taking on the challenge of getting Ulysses home, you won't want to miss this game." review: "Being a Lucas/Sierra addicted fan, I loved this game. It kept me playing for several hours each day and when I finished it (with tips of course) I wanted more. I totally recommend it to all the genre fans and all the other guys who are just bored playing 'hidden object' games." review: "If you were born before the 90's, then you most likely are familiar with some old classic point and click adventure games. My all time favorite was the King's Quest series. This game will keep you entertained for hours on end. Beware, highly addicting!" FEATURES: Huge and classic point-and-click adventure game. Be part of Homer's epic story and educate yourself while playing. Face ancient Gods, Sirens, Cyclops and other monsters. Beautifully hand drawn cartoons (Full HD), humorous dialogs and challenging puzzles. Short animation synopsis for educational purposes. Fully translated into English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Greek. itunes link (free Lite version): itunes link (full version): Step into this epic point-and-click mythical adventure game. See what it takes to be the Greek hero Odysseus (Ulysses)! Get ready to embark on a journey filled with danger, mythical creatures and ancient Gods. Thrilling moments and unexpected twists as well as the evil presence of legendary creatures dominate this mythical game throughout. You will have to step into the shoes of Odysseus (Ulysses) and his journey home after the fall of Troy. It took him ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten- year Trojan War. Become a part of Homer's original myth, live the adventure, and educate yourself during the process. Beware; this is not a simple task. You will have to escape from Goddess Calypso's island, blind Cyclops Polyphemus, face the witch-Goddess Circe, go to the land of the death in search of an oracle, avoid the Siren mermaids, pass between the six-headed monster Scylla and the whirlpool Charybdis, and visit the Sun God's island. Finally, you will have to murder the suitors and get together with your beloved wife, Penelope and your fearless son Telemachus.
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** review** "Astrology Premium brings the astrology - matchmaking - numerology apps to another level! Its luxurious design and the use of openGL together with the endless info makes it one of the kind!" Astrology Premium is the most luxury astrology / matchmaking and horoscope / numerology application for iphone. It uses graphics acceleration to make the user interface smooth and rich with full HD graphics (*when supported). Get daily predictions with biorhythms. Why use the old style astrology / matchmaking / numerology apps out there, when you can have the best looking one that actually uses your computer's expensive hardware? itunes link (free lite): itunes link (full): Features: Native app with smooth and luxury UI that saves up to 3 users. Daily biorhythms predictions with charts based on biorhythms. Yearly horoscope / zodiac. Predict your relationship, sex, money and health. Compatibility - Matchmaking! Check zodiac compatibility. Numerology. Use the numbers to unlock your fate. Astrology / horoscope Zodiac info. Do you know your planet? Your stone and color? Even more details like: Chinese sign, your tree and birth color. Designed for tablets & phones with HD graphics and nice music. Multi language.
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 Describability - a new, fun and addictive social word game Describability is the new two-player game that will stretch your vocabulary (and your imagination!) as you take it in turns to describe "Words" - well, everything from single words to famous movie quotes, phrases, celebrities and even song titles - without using the word itself. And if you thought composing the perfect text or Tweet was tricky, you've got to get Describable in fewer than 50 characters It's addictive from the word go - or "the thing shouted at the start of a race". Plus there's a fun retro twist: just like picking a board game piece or video game avatar, Describability offers six unique characters to play as. With over 5,000 "Words" in 60 categories, you'll be wracking your brains - and racking up bonuses for speed and skill - game after game before you see a repeat word. [url=]Website      [/url]
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Hello All,

This is Robert Bonner, I am the creative producer for Bad Neighbor. Bad Neighbor is a project we are trying to get funded on Kickstarter, and I was very much hoping to get the communities feedback and support on our project!

Our teaser trailer is also on the page.

-Robert Bonner

Creative Producer

Gag A Maggot Entertainment