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Hello, friends.

Are you a developer or a game representative, hoping to share your creations with those who love them? Do you have an exciting new project you're hoping to drum up interest for, or a new release that you'd like us all to know about? That's fantastic -- because we want to hear about it. And the best way to share the news is outlined for you here!


Instead of making a new thread for your game, please feel free to place all the information you hope to share in a single post within this thread. That includes all information, game features, images, or video links, including a link to the game on the App Store if it's already published and out there. I've taken the liberty of creating an example post, found by clicking the spoiler tag below.



Introducing Crazy Taxi for Apple's iOS! Relive all those exciting, manic moments on the road in that bright yellow motor coach all over again on-th-go.

  • Features Include:
  • Arcade Mode
  • Original Mode
  • Time Attack Mode
  • 16 BRAND NEWmini-games
  • And much more...

Check out these images!

So check out CRAZY TAXI today on the App Store! On sale for a limited time during the holiday season!

Requirements are an iPhone 4, iPad 2, or iPod Touch 3rd gen or newer.


See how easy that is? Make it pretty and catch our eye. Thanks, and good luck on your project!

Notice: Any threads created by developers or game representatives for the purpose of sharing or introducing any software will be removed from the general board, and you may or may not be notified to re-create that same original post within this thread. Please do not be discouraged by the disappearance of a thread, but instead be inspired to re-post all the information you want to share right here, and please continue to update the same post regarding game information as opposed to making new ones. Also, no discussion is allowed in this thread, so posts that aren't made by developers or representatives will be deleted. Thank you.

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First! :) Ozzle - a colorful logic puzzle with a playable online demo We're a small team consisting of three people and we just published our first game on the Mac App Store (it's also released on the App Store). It's been in development for quite some time but we're finally satisfied with how it looks, feels and sounds - and we hope you'll enjoy it too! Our site has a playable web demo of the game along with all the info below. Description Ozzle iz a challenging logic puzzle game wrapped up in cartoonish colors and awesome ragtime music. The goal is to rotate and slide balls in order to match the pattern on each level. Most levels can be solved in 4 or less moves, but don't let that fool you - you'll have to think really hard to solve all levels in the fewest number of moves possible! The game features: * 60 exciting and colorful levels, everything from an apple to a tropical island * 5 difficulty categories * addictive logic puzzle gameplay * human vocalized in-game sounds * happy and relaxing music by Kevin MacLeod * roughly six and a half hours of fun Available for iPhone, iPad and Mac Gameplay video: Official website containing a playable web demo!: iTunes link iPhone/iPad: iTunes link Mac: Facebook page: Twitter page: Some screenshots
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Poker Friends Play with the people in your life you want to beat the most in the world's first and only (we know, we wrote a patent on it) turn-based poker game! FEATURES * Unique turn-based design lets you play UNLIMITED games simultaneously! * Play with up to 6 friends in each game * Trash talk your way to victory with in-game, group chat messaging * Collect badges and get FREE bonus chips to play with! * Automatically get a notification when It\s your turn * Choose between 1 to 3 hours time limit for each turn. * Enjoy 25/7 game support from one of the handsomest developing teams in the world! BEAUTY SHOTS    Poker Friends will be avaliable worldwide on the Appstore and Google Play starting 27/11.
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Bunny Leap Bunny Leap is an addictive retro arcade style game, inspired by the legendary Q*Bert arcade game. Features: * Simple one-touch controls * 50 challenging levels * Silky smooth scrolling * Game Center leaderboards and achievements * Enhanced iPhone Retina graphics * Universal App for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad Price: $1.99 USD / 1.79 / £1.49 iTunes: Device Requirements: * iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4, 4S & 5), iPod touch (2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th generations) or iPad (all versions) * iOS firmware 4.2 or higher * 12MB free space Language Support: * US English * UK English * Spanish
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"Word Express" is my new iPAD App. It's a VERY addictive word game for the whole family with levels for the experienced gamer to young children learning new words. Every game is different and with over 100,000 words recognised and 75 levels it's a real challenge and something you can happily play day after day. iTunes link: Youtube: Hope you Enjoy it.
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This is Gamerizon's biggest release to date. After two years of sweat, take out food, cake, keyboard, katanas, plushies, hard work, bagels, coffee, coffee, high kicks, and good times... it is finally here - and it's FREE! Following the huge success of Chop Chop Ninja, which had over 7.2 Million Downloads, Gamerizon is proud to unleash Chop Chop Ninja World! Premise? You're a ninja. Not enough for you? Ok, you're a ninja tasked with saving the kingdom from the shoguns, challenging your friends, building your empire, but mostly you'll be really fighting your enemies. Chop Chop Ninja World is an action platformer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with ridiculously awesome graphics, tons of weapons, abilities and characters! If you want to get an inside look, check out this developer diary made by the good folk at Gamerizon. Rate, review, and tell us what you think! Happy Chop Chopping! Visit Gamerizon on: Facebook Twitter ...or drop us a line on the Official Website Chop chop!
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Animal Sounds Quiz This is Tappa's first APP release in the App Store, starting with a new take on the addictive Quiz Games heavily featured on the market. An exciting release that presents users with a new style of quiz game. You hear them so often and sometimes wonder what they are, Animal Sounds are heard all the time and what better way is there to show off your skills and knowledge of the animal kingdom. Animal Sounds Quiz presents you with a short audio clip of your favourite animal, your task - try and identify it! Featuring Game Center, you can track your achievements and take part in the leader board. After each successful animal identification you get presented with a 'Did You Know?' fact, these promise to be exciting and interesting! Not sure of the animal? Use hints to help you or share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Still can't get it? Use an identifier to reveal the animal. Features: * 5 Levels
* 100 Animals * Game Center * Did You Know facts Animal Sounds Quiz (Paid) iTunes link: Currently FREE to download for a limited time. FREE Animal Quiz (Free) iTunes link: Screenshots:
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I'd like to introduce Asva The Monkey HD. It's my first Cambodian-made game for iOS devices. And it has been the #1 Top Paid Game on App Store (Cambodia). Our game features great graphics with fun and unstoppable puzzle solving experience. Here's the description of our game on App Store. #1 Top Paid Game on App Store (Cambodia) ASVA The Monkey is a simple, yet fun and addictive puzzle game. Test your brain with the touch of your finger! Long time ago, there were a secret place hidden deep in a forest. There, lived a peaceful tribe of monkeys. ASVA was a lazy little monkey. One day, he saw a magical light, and when he tried to touch it, he plummeted into a dark portal. Now he's trapped in the unknown, mysterious worlds. And the only way to get back home is to solve the puzzle within those worlds. Now it's your turn to help ASVA get back home. The game is on, you have to solve the puzzles in order to help ASVA back home. Features: - Easy control with a swipe of a finger. - Easy rules to learn. - Six magical worlds to complete - Over 90 levels of puzzles to solve. - Endless Mode with non-stop challenges. - Survival Mode with countless puzzles, but only one life to play. - Use magical items to help you solving the puzzle. YouTube Trailer: iTunes Link: Facebook Page:
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WhatZ'Odd turn any photo into puzzle PROMO CODES! Boring? Have nothing to do? Here is the cure for you grab WhatZ'Odd! In the game you can turn your photo into a puzzle by adding images of randomly selected objects. From a chair to a street lamp to a tree! Once you're done with your WhatZOdd, send it to your friends and challenge them to identify it! They have only 5 attempts! Don't take a chance playing in the office it's addictive! Grab a code and let us know what you think! KLJ7MK6XNEA4 T73TKJH4KF3X 4TWMJA9Y94MJ 66PL4H7JEFWY LLE9FNNPJWX9
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iTunes Link: - Soccer Puzzle League FULL ( - Soccer Puzzle League LITE ( Video: Gameplay: Trailer: Soccer Puzzle League - A new breed of Match-3 game Combining Soccer, Strategy, RPG and Match-3 element in 1 game. Test your skills with numerous opponents in various difficulty levels! FEATURES: - 3 Divisions with a total of 18 teams to test your skills - 150 equipments to buy and upgrade - 23 achievements to unlock - 16 active and passive skills to learn and upgrade - 20+ opponent's skills to challenge even the most experienced players - 9 unique opponent's ball scoring chances - 6 levels of difficulty in Challenge Mode - Auto-save feature [SIZE="3"]Available NOW![/SIZE] Enjoy!
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Jellboy - Sculpting Game for iPhone and iPad Hello all, We have just released a new game, Jellboy, for iPhone and iPad! Jellboy is a sculpting game, where players try to shape a play-dough-like character in a manner to allow him to fit the  holes on obstacles and pass through them. Here is the gameplay trailer: iTunes Link: Website: I would like to answer your questions and hear your comments... Thanks!
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 App Store Link: $1.99 FREE for a limited time!! Merry christmas!! iOS 6 and iPhone 5 Retina Display supported!! Features Improved graphic and visual effect Multi-touch supported Pick-up and play with ease 2 Exciting game modes 4 Newly developed laser beams 17 Enemies with special power 6 Unlockable special weapons 57 Well designed missions 43 Badge challenges (achievements) iOS 6 and iPhone 5 retina display supported Game Center supported Statistic record mark your growth through game Badge and Rank system honor your legacy Share your score on Twitter and Facebook without difficulty Sync your game data between series of FingerLaserII with iCloud.(Including upgrades, special weapons and missions)      Gameplay video: Link:
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Hey guys, we've just released the alpha preview video of our new karting game for the iphone/ipad and ipod touch. Thought you'd like to take a look! Thanks for the support :)
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#18 Posted by Kaiji81 (25 posts) - Try this new puzzle game.It's free to download. You got 1 min to do as many combo as possible to get a high score. Game center is supported, so you can compete with your friends and everyone in the world.
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Fix the Clock - The world of clocks as a physics puzzle for iOS Fix the Clock is a physics based puzzle game which places you in the world of clocks and watchmakers. Players have to shift, spin, zoom and move the cogwheels of different types of clocks to solve a total of 80 puzzles. Levels are packed into clocks, each of which contains snazzy new game ideas and additional game elements such as pendulums and all kinds of moving parts. Toc-Tom, the main character of the game, is the watchmakers little mechanical helper. While he works hard to repair all the clocks, aiming for a 3-star-finish, he has to escape several threats, such as oil drops, spiders, worms and of course: the pecking cuckoo. iTunes Link: Gameplay Trailer:
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New free platformer (Hop 'n' Roll) released for iPhone and HD version for iPad featuring the coolest rat - Ratt Pitt.  Check it out! All comments and ideas would be great and appreciated. iPhone - iPad - Trailer - Br, -Teemu & Creeng Team
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Version 1.1 is now on iTunes: - Optional control methods - Enhanced graphics for the retina iPad And as Christmas is upon us, a new price of $0.99 USD / 0.89 / £0.69.
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Title: Pangolin - A Free iPhone Game System: iPhone/iPod Touch Published by: Feedtank LLC Developed by: Feedtank LLC Genre: Arcade Number of Players: 1 Release Date:2012-12-12 Release Region: US Released: Digital Title: PANGOLIN [a curious game of bouncing] a FREE iPhone game After over a year of development, Feedtank is extremely proud to announce the release of Pangolin, our first completely self-funded, self-released app. It is available for iPhone (and iPod Touch) and in the App Store today. About Pangolin: It's a physics-based game where the user creates trampolines of varying strength to bounce Pangolin to a goal. It is based around a unique, two-handed, multi-touch interaction. The app is free and includes all 10 levels of the Education world. The Exploration world is available as an in-app purchase ($0.99 for a limited time). It includes 40 levels and a number of additional game elements. An iPad version and other worlds are in the works. Download it here for FREE!:
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Catapolt for iOS!


Catapolt is basically a mix between LocoRoco and Angry Birds - you have to rotate the gravity of the world (using touch screen or accelerometer) to maneuver a boulder over the levels to destroy a castle at the end. But you can't just roll the whole way - you lose health if you touch the ground, so instead you have to propel the boulder into the air by hitting explosive crates and keep a combo going over the course of the level. Some of the later levels get incredibly intense!





Free demo here:

Full version here:

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SORTEE is a new action-puzzle game for iOS. It's about sorting objects according to different criteria: colors, material, location, usage and many others. Sounds simple? Yes, but you have to be sharp, focused, quick and accurate to succeed! WATCH THE VIDEO IF YOU WANT TO TEST THE GAME, please send us email to so we can add you to TestFlight and send you a short questionnaire. We would really appreciate your time and feedback on how we can improve Sortee and make it an absolutely fantastic game. We will sort it out :) Petr&Richard
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Zombie Zoo by RedFish games! Welcome to the worlds FIRST Zombie Zoo! Step into the shoes of a scientist and zoo owner, BREED animals to create scary ZOMBIES, cross-breed them to come up with unique MONSTERS! FEATURES: * BREED and CROSS-BREED unique species * Repair and master the ZOMBIE MACHINE to create new zombies * Collect the pieces of lost recipes to create ZOOBIES * DECORATE the Zoo with trees, paths, flowers, columns and benches * Build attractions, buy TV and Internet ads to attract more visitors * EXPAND your Zoo to have more Animals, Zombies and Zoobies * Complete EXCITING QUESTS and get BONUSES * Reach NEW experience LEVELS and unlock new species * COMPARE your Zoo with the ones of your Facebook friends and compete for the title of the The scariest Zombie Zoo in the World * NON LINEAR SCENARIO, unexpected twists in the plot * Invite your FRIENDS from Facebook, Twitter or email to play Zombie Zoo * VISIT your friends' Zoo * Daily and weekly deals New features and story lines are coming! Time to start a new adventure. Uncover the truth behind the Zombie Machine and your uncle's inventions. Build the world's first Zombie Zoo!
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Hi Guys. We are a brand new developer and would greatly appreciate your feedback on our new game, Xmas Snow Fight. If you have an iPhone you can trial Xmas Snow Fight for free. We're not a big company, just two friends trying to put our stamp on the business, so if you want to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or comment at wed be glad to hear from you. Thanks Adam - Ticboom Games
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AU Indie developer, trailer for our new title - BeerTrucker PRO - shipping Jan 8, 2013...
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1-Heroes Battle Tired of those cloned pushbuttons games? Want to be part of the action? Think Different and become a hero/villain today ! Battle your friends, family, coworkers and other real world players in this Heroes Multiplayer Online Game as you compete to be the most powerful or trendy hero/villain in the world. Ever wanted to throw a fireball, control someones mind or maybe just fly? You have all of these powers inside you. Use your powers in this turn by turn battle based on bluff and block strategy. Its pure emotion! Start out as a simple human and work your way up to become the new URBAN HERO of the world with your OWN UNIQUE appearance. Join Us today ! 2-Vampire Stories its not a game, its your Vampires life ! Tired of those cloned pushbuttons games? Want to be part of the action? Think Different and become a Vampire today ! Battle your friends, family, coworkers and other real world players in this Vampire Multiplayer Online Game. Enter the world of darkness and mystique, where vampires live in the urban underworld and control the city from behind the shadows. Build your clan with fellow vampires and defend your control of the city from the ravenous zombie hordes. Start out as a simple human and work your way up to become the new ruling vampire of the world with your OWN UNIQUE appearance.
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Hi, there ;) Here is a nice free slot game for you guys It has lots of slot machines (Dragon Land, Royal Cherry, Fruit Paradise, Foxy Joker, Gun Fights, Holiday) and some addictive bonus mini games. P.S. The graphics are very bright! App Store link: [url=]  [/url]
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 You are a strange fish at the bottom of the ocean. You were born with an insatiable hunger. Your destiny is to become the biggest fish there is, was, and ever will be. You are not the only one looking for a meal, there are predators lurking by such as the crab, the shark, jellyfishes, and even electric eels! You must eat smaller fishes first to become big enough for the bigger ones! Good luck and have fun! Youtube video: iTunes Store:!/id583642970?mt=8 Facebook page:
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Hi Guys! I would like to let you know that there is a new game for you who like brain teasing and logic based puzzle named METALOGIC !  GAMEPLAY The gameplay of METALOGIC introduced with the basic objective to convert all the elemental blocks within the game board into a golden block. In doing so, player must: # Throw the correct elemental coin towards the elemental block. # Should both the coin and the block matches, the block will react by changing either into a gold block (highest score), half gold block (lower score), or cross exchanging their elements. # The game will finish when all the blocks in the game board is converted into either gold block or half gold block. # Highest score in each level could only be gained by: converting all the elemental block into gold block, using limited number of moves (the maximum limit of moves in each level varies). STORY To balance the brain teasing gameplay, our creative team invent a fun game story that is relevant towards the gameplay: It revolves around Zed, a young metalogician (fictional physical transmutation scientist) that secretly studies the forbidden art of gold transmutation. Upon successfully learning how to transmute those objects to gold, Zed eventually hope to achieve the prestigious rank of Master Metalogician. Player will accompany Zed in traveling to various different places (50 stages in 5 chapters) and try out his secret formula towards various objects (such as wood, steel, bronze, silver and even asteroid stone), in their attempt to figure the correct transmutation formula, various achievements could also be unlocked throughout the process. A bonus time attack mode will also unlocked, once Zed achieve the rank of Master Metalogician, unleashing a new game mode that boast unlimited score that could be competed with other player. FEATURES - 50 challenging board configurations for hours of fun and brain-teasing gameplay. - Innovative puzzle system with intuitive rules. - Unique interfaces and special effects that are appealing to the eyes. - Challenge yourself to achieve the best time, score and efficiency for each level. - Compete with friends and family members for the best records in the Leaderboards. - Tons of achievements to unlock. - Clear all chapters to unlock the Time Attack Mode for unlimited challenges. DOWNLOAD NOW! The game itself are available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Download the apps for FREE from this link:    If you enjoy the game, it will only took 99 cents in-game purchase to unlock the full version. Should there is any question, feedback or input, we would be glad to hear from you. We are available for contact via e-mail to Happy gaming! SEED Interactive
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Spot The Difference with Steampunk Theme now available on iTunes:!-hd-free/id577037524?mt=8 Everyone has played the famous Puzzle game called Spot The Difference also known as Find The Difference or What's The Difference. Description: * Find the 5 differences in each Picture Puzzle * Use hints to help complete puzzles * Play two different game modes (Timed or untimed) * Beat each level within 80 seconds of game play * 100 Free Levels included in the Free Download  Play in Normal (Timed) or Untimed modes.  Some more screenshots of the photos available.  Last Screenshot showing the Picture Puzzle.  Device Requirements: * iPad (all versions) * iOS firmware 4.3 or higher * 19MB free space Language Support: * US English * UK English Support: Website: Facebook: Updates: v1.0 - Release v1.0.1 - Bug Fixes Download on iTunes:!-hd-free/id577037524?mt=8
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Embark on a journey of stealth, precision, timing and patience with Cyrus. Overcome various obstacles to reach your goal and encounter some highly hostile enemies from various populated living organism of the micro world we live in. A simple single touch gameplay for all age groups.

Welcome to the world of Cyrus, the evolutionary organism from the furthest reaches of the universe. This is the story of Cyruss perilous journey into the deepest recesses of our micro organism world and how living things on Earth evolved.

Immerse your inner senses into the beautiful world and witness some of the never before seen bacterial, microbes, viruses which will be in contact with Cyrus. Avoid all your enemies and alter the prehistoric living organism on earth to evolve as we see it today.




The following are some of the features in the game:

  • Ease of single touch gameplay

  • Variety of levels and enemies of different form

  • Colourful vibrant environment atmosphere

  • Challenging levels with precision, timing, stealth, trickery, etc.

  • Engaging sountrack

  • Play as Cyrus the micro organism from Orion

  • Alter the prehistoric course of the universe

  • Optimize for iPad retina display


Check Out More On The Game Here:

The Cyrus Chronicles Homepage

The Cyrus Chronicles Facebook

The Cyrus Chronicles Promo Trailer

Complete Wallpaper Pack

Press Release Kit

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Nameless: The Hackers Nameless: The Hackers' IndieDBFacebookPlot Synopsis: A group of hackers are hired to retrieve a file and find themselves in the middle of a deep conspiracy. It's up to them to prevent a global catastrophe. Features:
  • Choose-Your-Own-Dialogue - Be a part of the adventure with the dialogue choice system. Watch as the awkwardness in the room reaches an 11.
  • Beautiful Anime Characters - I'm talking about character development. Lot's of beautiful character development.
  • Interesting Battle Mechanics - Not your typical RPG battle! Learn to counter enemy attacks with card-like battle mechanics. Deal maximum damage after opening a system vulnerability to the enemy computer.
  • Collectible Cards - Go around the world collecting Infocards! These cards contain snippets of information about technology, and provide stat boosts. Different card stats each time when you collect! Collect ultra rare cards for extra stat boosts!
  • Upgrade Progression - The game has 20 different upgradable skills! You decide what skills you want to use and abuse!
  • Explorable World - Explore the world with 13 different cities based on the real world. Meet interesting characters who will inform you of the world around. Help them or troll them. It's up to you!
  • Original Music - Featuring over 15 original tracks inspired by old school RPGs with a new twist.
  • Support Indie Developers - Please help us prevent scurvy so we can work on more titles!
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Free Quiz for iOS out NOW Love Quizzes? You'll love FREE QUIZ! Hours of Feel-Good Fact Filled FUN for FREE! Challenge your general knowledge with exciting game modes: In ELIMINATOR you have FOUR chances to hit the right answer by Eliminating the wrong ones! In TWENTY QUESTIONS use your precious Jokers to pass over the tricky questions. Regular updates with new questions, features and game modes! Free Quiz records your quiz statistics What are your strengths and weaknesses? Tweet your Free Quiz high scores and impress your friends!! Seven mind-bending categories to master!! Sparkly feel-good graphics and sounds!! Gazillions of questions!! Coming Soon: QUICK FIRE: Feel the need for SPEED in this ranked game mode with Gamecentre highscores. MINI QUIZZES: A geek fest of quizzes including ZOMBIE The quiz of the Dead; GAMER The quiz of the Geeks and 'One Quiz to Rule them all' for all you fantasy fans. MORE QUESTIONS added regularly!
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SpaceOff Great 2 player battle game! Nominated for 3 TIGA awards; Best Arcade, Best Design and Best Debut Game! gameplay is unique.. very fun and addictive' 8/10 .. extreme head-to-head game experience 4/5 Fun blasting all the way.. simple to pick up and play.. 4/5 iPhoneGamerUK A Retro Gaming Fan's Dream!! Challenge your friends to insane head-to-head local battles or compete through online leaderboards in SpaceOff, the unique physics based shooter from Totem Games! FEATURES: - A frantic, competitive shoot em up inspired by elements of classic retro games. - Two players on one device, battle your friends wherever you have your phone or pad. - Challenge friends through online leaderboards to become SpaceOff Grandmaster. - Fast gameplay intensifies to insane levels! - Simple pick up and play controls - one finger control system. - Defeat fierce AI opponents to unlock new features and fun. - Twenty Galactic arenas to unlock, all playable in both single and multi player.
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Halfling Wars - Social RPG/Simulation inspired by The Hobbit and similar to Dragonvale Follow the Halfling and Darkling on exciting adventures to discover their history in a deep questing system. Every level brings you one step closer to unraveling their mysterious past and perilous future through unique creatures and characters. Are you a Halfling or Darkling? Will you fight or flourish? Build or battle?  Features: * Farming/Agricultural Aspect (Feed crops to your creatures to strengthen them) * Online social battles (Your creature against your friend's creature) * Battle betting system (Place a bet on your creature in battle) * Questing that revolves around the storyline * Mini-Games (Potion Creation, Tavern Game, etc) * Creature breeding/morphing * Decorate/Personalize Village Buildings * Collect Gold, Consumables, Buffs/Debuffs, Sparks, Potions, and Shrines to Level-Up  Currently Halfling Wars is on Kickstarter and has 20+ days left to go and is more than 30% funded. There are reward tiers of all levels including limited merchandise, Beta games, in-game starter packs, and even a Create a Creature for the game. Halfling Wars will be released as a free game in the App store in spring-summer 2013. KickstarterFacebookTwitterWebsiteYouTube
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 Title: BeerTrucker PRO System: iPhone/iPod Touch Published by: BeerMogul Games Developed by: BeerMogul Games Genre: Simulation/Strategy Number of Players: 1 Release Date:8-JAN-2013 Release Region: All Released: Digital Check out the trailer: Download now: Build your own beer empire with BeerTrucker PRO! Buy pubs and bars, operate a brewery, and use your own trucks to keep the beer deliveries up. You'd better be fast if you want to make money and become a real beer mogul! PRO features 30 levels, radical new roads, golden PRO Trucks and events at your pubs that drive sales through the roof, but watch out, miss a delivery when there's a rock festival in town and you'll have some mighty angry customers! You're in charge of a busy brewery, and you have $1 Million BeerBucks to spend. Just buy a pub, then drag the beer trucks from the brewery to make sure the drinkers are kept happy - collect the proceeds to build your very own beer empire. Sounds easy right? Don't be fooled - each level comes with a series of challenges that will test your beer mogul skills. Can you finish them all? * Insanely addictive - you wont be able to put it down once you experience the thrill of running your own brewery * Looks amazing - the game takes place on a beer coaster (beer mat) with amazing retro retina display graphics * Buy and upgrade pubs and bars, but make sure you have enough beer to keep the drinkers happy * Sell more beer to buy more pubs, bars and trucks - be sure to make the right investment decisions Are you up for the BeerTrucker challenge? Become a beer mogul today! Check out the trailer: Download now:
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Introducing Slashear - the new exclusive game universe created by a young team of developers!We worked hard to make it really fun and interesting
to play.

In this game you will find: + Distinctive worlds, inspired by the most remarkable action movies + Lot of fluffy monsters that really want to eat you + Interesting & fun final of each level + Many puzzles to solve if you want keep you alive + Advanced AI - enemies will try to surround you, organize attack + Different weapons, pickups & power ups + Secret levels with tons of stuff + Ability to transform into wolf (or any other monsters as special case)

Check the trailer on Youtube
Keep in touch: Game site: Follow news on Facebook and Twitter.
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Moon Race

Feel the Fever of the Moon Race on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Episode 1: The Eagle has landed!

Download on the AppStore (iTunes link)

"Only a lunar-tic wouldn't download this to their iOS device." - Games Press

If you want to feel the atmosphere of the late 60s and take part in the race to "win" the moon, then we have some great news for you: For just 99 cents you can rewrite history ... over and over again!

In Moon Race, your job will be that of landing your rover on the moon as fast as possible and, of course, as safe as possible. Things won't always be easy as you will have all sorts of obstacles to overcome, but with time comes skill and you will surely get what it takes to become a complete lander and win the Moon Race.

Right now, Moon Race only has the first episode launched, The Eagle has Landed, but more missions are in the works and will be added to the game soon. Until then, all you can do is to hone up your skills at landing that moon module, enjoy the retro black & white visuals and try to get on the top of the two leadearboards of the game.

Touch and hold to control the throttle.
The higher the position of the finger on screen the more boost for the module.
Wipe left and right at the same time to steer.
Stage 1 is for training without any obstacles but unlimited attempts.

- Original black-and-white TV graphics
- Optimized 3D graphics for HD Retina displays
- Easy and intuitive controls
- Presented in English and German
- Console-style menus and info in English
- No ads
- No extra costs

GameCenter is supported:
- 2 Leaderboards for score and fly time
- 9 different Achievements

Watch the latest gameplay video:

Thank you for playing Flauchers Finest games! :cool:

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Exciting new action / adventure game! Mauv is a story-driven sci-fi adventure game comprised of 29 levels. Currently available for iOS 5.0+, its 3D design features 3rd person and side scroller game play mechanics. Players battle enemies, collect items, learn skills, solve puzzles, and interact with various characters. We launched a week ago, and to date the player feedback is fantastic. Don't just take our word for it - check the game out for yourself! iTunes store link:
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Style Dress Up Design and share with style. Create unique looks with tons of different outfits in this wonderful dress up game. Style Dress Up lets you: Change hairstyles, eyes, eye shadows, eyebrows, lips, dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, pants, socks, shoes and skin color. Choose from an assortment of background images or use any image in your photo album. Double tap to zoom the model. Shake the device to generate a random design. Listen to the included soundtrack or to your own music while designing (music playing on your device keeps playing while the game is running). Save your compositions to your photo album, share them by e-mail, on Facebook or Twitter. Upgrade to permanently remove ads and unlock all items. iTunes Store:
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Hello, Friends!! Today, our game -Jumping Thief is opened in Apple App Store. Once enjoyed, and please comment. Jumping Thief is.. Enjoy a stylish action arcade game with just one touch! Dont ever be careless! You must understand the changing behavioral patterns of the characters to escape the non-stop thrilling traps.
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Mushroom Wars - The legendary RTS, one of the 25 BEST PSN GAMES coming on Jan, 24 Its here! On January 24, 2013 the real time strategy game Mushroom Wars finally comes to iPad! The game was originally released on the PlayStation®Network in 2009 and became one of its top 25 all-time worldwide hits adored by fans and critics alike. The iPad version beautifully captures all the original features that made Mushroom Wars such an outstanding success: all-round gameplay, pacing, depth, narrative, replayability, and entertainment. Mushroom Wars is a fast-paced RTS that brings arcade skirmish gameplay to the forefront. With a quaint visual style specifically developed for its new environment it features opposing tribes of mushroom armies, battling in close-quarters with solid, straight-forward controls. One notable advancement is the morale parameter for the players troops, which can dramatically affect the overall course of battle. In a nutshell the development has been driven by the lexicon: Simplicity is key but complexity remains. 7 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Br. Portuguese. Be part of a fascinating journey with a story-driven campaign. Test your strategic thinking. Get easily acquainted with the genre, or plunge into the depth of gameplay with its three difficulty settings in both layout and powers. Challenge Facebook friends (iPad exclusive). Each week a challenge is opened for friends competing for the highest score on one map. Three types of controls (iPad exclusive) to augment player flexibility and speed of reaction; support for left-handed players. With its sharp graphics and extremely intuitive controls and ambition, the game provides a unique introduction to the real-time strategy genre that can be picked up immediately by novice gamers across the board - and without loosing its attraction to hard core gamers!     The game will be out on January 24, 2013 at the price of $2.99. Mushroom Wars require iPad with iOS 6 to run the application.
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Dojit would like to introduce Home Bear, the cuddly adventure of a adorable little bear and the uphill journey back to the comfort of home, became available to the general public in December 2012 for the entire family to enjoy on the move. Tasked with aiding their furry companion with an array of items to overcome the obstacles, gamers will enjoy over 200 levels with varying difficulties in a colourful and vibrant world set to a stellar soundtrack. We also for a limited period only Home Bear will be reduced to 69p from Friday 25th January - Sunday 27th January. Grab a bargain while you can. Home Bear and Home Bear Lite is available on: Apple App Store Amazon Google Play Store iOS Home Bear - Home Bear Lite - Google Play Home Bear - Home Bear Lite - Dojit Website - Home Bear Website -
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ARMED CONFLICT The War Has Begun! Eggcodes new multiplayer First-Person-Shooter (FPS) brings high quality console graphics on your Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod. Fight with your friends on 8 varied Maps and 7 different gamemodes. Join the fight and prove your superiority on modern battlegrounds all around the globe. Launch price for a limited time! (0.99$) ***************************************************************** - 13 LETHAL WEAPONS M4A1, AKM, MP5N, 1911, MSC870, BARETT M82 LRSR, RPK, M1014 JSCS, M4CQBR, M16A4, BERETTA 93R, MODEL 442, AK74M - 8 VARIED MAPS Storage [France], Residence [Brazil], Office [USA], Training [Germany], Inca [Peru], Desert [Iraq], Jail [Russia], Construction [UK] - 7 DIFFERENT GAME MODES Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Territory, Hunted, Ticking Bomb, Team Territory, Mystic Ball ***************************************************************** FEATURES: - Hardcore realism mode - 14 different perks - Multiplayer with 2 to 8 players - High quality console graphics Player statistics - Right and left handed control - Extensive serversettings - Realistic sounds - Precise touchscreencontrol ***************************************************************** Facebook: Twitter: Release date: February 2013
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Assault Wave: Real time tactical action * Hello, we're a small independent company, and glad to share some info on our upcoming game: Assault Wave is a World War II themed tactical action game for iPad and iPhone. In the game you choose a nation (US or Germany at first) and the Units and Commands you will use in the next battle. Game has both singleplayer and 1 vs 1 multiplayer modes, including 1 vs 1 on same device. Gameplay video: Release: April-June 2013 (subject to change) Platforms: iPad first, iPhone after that Game Features: - Real time - Tactical action - Top down view - World War II theme - US and Germany as first playable nations - Single player versus AI: US and Germany, battles and campaigns - Player versus Player: Online, and on same device Official website/blog: Twitter: Facebook:
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Krashlander - Launching February 7, 2013The Pitch Krashlander is a physics powered game that will have you blasting down large mountain slopes and soaring over gaping crevices to attack the evil robots that destroyed your world. The Launch Trailer What's interesting about krashlander
  • A fluid and precise physics-driven control mechanic borrowed from an awesome old abandoned game called Ski Stunt Simulator.
  • Epic rigid-body style crashes.
  • A dedicated one-man development team with a Google Doc full of update ideas. This first release is very much only the beginning.
The Story Evil robots from another planet have destroyed your world. Revenge is your mission. Your krashsuit is your weapon. ATTACK THE ROBOTS!!! The story behind Krashlander is pretty loose. You play as the last remaining human who was once a member of an elite force of Krahslanders. A Krashlander wears a protective "krashsuit", skis down mountains, and crashes into things. The krashsuit is his weapon. The suit's regenerative nature repairs any damage done to the occupant. As the last remaining Krashlander, who now simply goes by the name Krashlander, your only mission is to exact revenge on the robots that destroyed your world. Other Details Launch Date: Februrary 7, 2013 Price: $0.99 Website: Contact: [email][/email] Twitter: @jeffweberKrashlander Media Kit (Screens, Icons, Description, Info) Thanks for checking out Krashlander! -Jeff Weber
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No, you do not have to be a grammar nazi to love this game. Anagrams HD is a perfect candidate to both entertain and educate you in a long queue, during a boring class or... any time you wish to train your brain and learn a few smart words! iTunes link: Disclaimer: if you are a Scramble/Bookworm/Jumble maniac - beware: the game is totally addictive! Features: -Shuffle for you to catch some of the words you may have missed -High resolution retina display for iPhone -Choose the category between Animals , Locations and General Here are a few promo codes we have prepared for you. Grab them and let us know what you think - any feedback is really appreciated! If all the codes have been used and you still want to grab one - post it! RRPXNXKJXTAH T6HTMLFWTJA9 HRYKKLLF6LR6 PP9FK9EA4LWJ 7JYWRHFEYALL
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  P.R.O.B.E. on the App Store Hello, We made a puzzle game and it`s available on app store now. If you like maze, they are composed of 10 components. If you like to explore, there are 4 hidden probes to collect. If you like IQ test, our tester (IQ~130+) can not find the best path always. Features: * 200 puzzles composed of 10 components. * The first 30 puzzles are free (why not give it a try?) * 20 collectible mosaic pictures. * 4 more hidden probes. * Exquisite Science-fiction artworks. * It is an universal app. * The game progress can be synced via iCloud. Video: Mission speed runVideo: Mission briefingP.R.O.B.E. on the App Store