A Classic Remake

User Rating: 9.6 | Final Fantasy Anthology PS
Final Fantasy V is a very average game. It incorporates the job class system which is rewarding in the long run but sort of a pain cause many jobs are basically useless. Also the lack of playable characters if you dislike one or more of the main four is annoying. The storyline is well written but with the lack of characters can get dull and seem repetitive.

What makes Final Fantasy Anthology great is FFVI one of the best Final Fantasy games ever. There is a large number of playable characters each with their own unique moves to add variety to the battles. The graphics are poor for PS quality but being it is a SNES remake that is expected. The storyline while at times predictable features much betrayal, death, and romance to keep you interested. The game also includes Kefka as the villain who after Sephiroth may be the most memorable evil villain.