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Final Fantasy Anthology Cheats For PlayStation

  1. FFVI's Random Music Tunes

    In the FFVI disc in the Final Fantasy Anthology package, there exists a bonus mode. Select the bonus mode and you will come to a bonus menu where you are allowed to watch the FMVs, artworks and other stuffs. You notice that at this bonus menu, a FFVI tune will be appeared. A random FFVI music tune is played whenever you enters the bonus mode. Therefore, you might want to consider entering and exiting the bonus mode until you get the desired FFVI music tune that you want to listen.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  2. Cute Characters At The Title Screen

    In the FFVI disc in the Final Fantasy Anthology, at the title screen where you can load your save games or access to the bonus mode, you will see a cute little 2-D character roaming around at the title screen. Resetting the game or entering the bonus mode and then exiting the bonus mode to go back to this title screen again may result in a random cute character to appear at the title screen. These cute characters are mainly FFVI characters. And, if you are really lucky, you might find FFVIII's Squall in his 2-D sprite-form roaming around at the title screen. You might want to keep entering the bonus mode and exiting the bonus mode until the desired character you want to see [particularly Squall] appear at the title screen.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  3. Bonus Mode In Final Fantasy VI

    Complete the game, Final Fantasy VI by beating the final boss. There will come to a point where you will be asked to ''Save the current play data to the system file?'' Select ''Yes'' to save the data to the memory card. After the rendered cinema and the words ''The End'' appear onscreen, reset the PlayStation. At the New Game menu, enter bonus and load the saved data form the memory card. Now, you have accessed to all the goodies found in the bonus mode.

    Contributed by: YSF 

  4. Skip Gilgamesh battle (Final Fantasy V):

    At the end of World 2 when you are infiltrating X-Death's castle, immediately before you reach X-Death's room you will encounter a chest with nothing in it. When you leave this room, Gilgamesh will attack you. However, if you do not open the chest in this room, you will not have to fight Gilgamesh.

    Contributed by: FoolishGamer 

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