An old school game that can still stand up to modern games.

User Rating: 8 | Fallout 2 PC


Open-world. Go where you want, when you want. (if you can survive)

Multiple side-quests.

Huge amount of decisions that impact the ending.

Can continue to play after the ending.

Many different locations.

This is the only fallout version that actually has a vehicle you can use in it.

Many different companion npc.

Many different weapons, there are a few armors but not too many.

LENGTH: total playtime 90 hours for 1 playthrough. (full game completion).

Tactical turn-based combat.

Very in-depth character customization. Deep customization.


Graphics, but hey, its old.

You can only get certain outcomes for quests if you do very, very specific things that are never really explained to you. I like being kept in the dark but when I have to do 10 very specific things with 0 mistakes in dialogue proceedings with npc's it seems a little overly ridiculous sometimes.

Not supported in higher resolutions. A high-res mod was needed to be able to run it in 1920x1080.

Many, many bugs still present. A player-made mod created to fix bugs that were never fixed by the developers is highly recommended.

Very, very, very slow and tedious start. The first 3 hours of this game are the worst 3 hours in the entire game lol. One of the worst beginnings to one of the most fantastic games ever made to this day. If you can get past it, you're in for a good treat.

There's really not much else to say. It's a very good, yet old, game. You can take certain approaches to quests in this game that you normally wouldn't expect to be able to do, like pay 1000 in-game currency in order to buy a guy out of slavery, yet if you wanted you could simply blow away the slavers and its one of the legitimate ways to finish the quest but it doesn't tell you that at all, its honestly up to you to decide what to do in a lot of situations. The game honestly leaves it up to you to decide what you want to do in it which a lot of newer games simply do not do anymore. Modern games hold your hand way too much nowadays and also modern developers feel the need to squeeze you into linearity to tell you a good story, which is simply not true because fallout 2 proves that you don't need to do that in order to tell a good story.