By far the best RPG I have ever played. Bar. None.

User Rating: 10 | Fallout 2 PC
Words can't describe how amazing this game is. I had to have played through it at least 5-6 times now. Everything comes together so well, it just makes for one of the best gaming experiences in my life.

The music was phenomenal, I can still remember the chills I got when I heard the Enclave music for the first time, the dirty crime in New Reno could be expressed purely through the games music. Just exploring out in the wasteland and listening to the music Mark Morgan created, I could give this game a ten just for the music alone.

The gameplay was great too. You had so many things to do, places to go, people to see. All these side quests available for you to do, and a lot of them some how connect to the storyline as well. I am a sucker for turn-based combat and this game delivered. The fact that you had more then one way to do any quest was also amazing. This game is a true sandbox, you could do WHATEVER you wanted. You could be a bumbling retard or a scientist, you could be a preacher with words, or bullets.

That all leads to the character system which is where you can choose the skills you're going to excel in and such. You can choose your attributes with the SPECIAL system. Increasing and decreasing one of these attributes can have a big impact on your game. If you have low Int, you'll be a retard, if you have low strength, you won't be able to hold most weapons and so on. You even have optional perks that are sometimes funny to say the least.

The story was good, evil plans by the former government, gotta save your people, you know, the basic.

But I really can't stress enough how well done this game was. It really did make it feel like it was you against everyone else. The humor in the game never got old, and the comparisons were all unique (I'm looking at you Suilk!)

All in all, this is the best RPG I have ever played in my life, quite possibly the best GAME I've played in my life.