User Rating: 6 | Fable II Pub Games X360
Create a character to gamble as then collect money and items, that are then transferable to the character that you play with in Fable 2. The three games are a card game that is great a roulette like game that is OK and a slot like game that's all chance and not that entertaining. You build your skill by passing levels in all 3 game types. These levels are unlocked as your gambling skills improve basically by winning each progression, it makes the min and max bets more. There are also tournaments to compete in for all 3 games that the buy in fees go up in as the prizes get better. I'm not getting into the rules way to involving but all in all not a bad download especially if you got it as a free add on for pre ordering Fable 2. Otherwise only worth the 10 bucks if your a Fable fan and not looking for too much.