awesome game of the year worth playing on the snes system SSS rank

User Rating: 10 | F-Zero SNES
this game is awesome to play i didn't get in to this game until nintendo 64 game F-ZERO X was born the gameplay is amazing & wirth playing can't get enough of the music but also the gameplay i have to say its hard to play this one because it snes that is hard to beat it i there 3 course 6 levels i only use captain falcon vehicle well there r only 4 of them & falcon vehicle is the only one that look cool to me there r droids the r in the way they would get in your way i thing i don't like is also there 5 laps i never finish up to 150 cc i only did it under 50 cc because it way to hard to beat it under there mine in this game speed bumb that will help move faster & everytime u finish a lap u get a speed boots i don't know much about the story about this but i still beleave this is good game to play there r two player but never got a chance to try out yet well i have to say this is the game worth playing